Col. Hornby's Personnel File

Personnel File

Name: Col. Neil Hornby
Security Clearance: Level 4
Serial Number: 0932-IO-00513777

Senior Supervisory Intelligence Officer

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 31 October 1962
Nationality: American
Hair: Red (wears beard, also red)
Eyes: Blue
Height: [REDACTED]
Weight: [REDACTED]

Rank: Colonel (O-6)
Position: Senior Supervisory Intelligence Officer, formerly Mobile Task Force operative
Specialty: Intelligence / Covert Operations
Current Site / Task Force: Command-02, Directorate for Intelligence & Operations, Strategic Analysis Office

Language Proficiency: English (Native), Russian (Fluent), German (Fluent)

Date of Recruitment: ██ October 201█

Profile: Colonel Hornby is a Foundation operative with extensive special forces training in covert operations, intelligence gathering and analysis, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. He has received full training in hazardous area operations, including Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and [REDACTED]. He has a strong reputation for operating by-the-book.

Col. Hornby came to the attention of the Foundation in 2011, following the events of Incident [REDACTED], in which he assisted in the containment of an outbreak of █████ caused [DATA EXPUNGED]. Foundation leadership arranged for him to be seconded to the Foundation’s Mobile Task Force Division.

Throughout his career, Hornby has shown a high operational success rate. However, this success rate is tempered by a tendency for additional complications to arise during operations and an unusually high level of casualties.

Psychological Evaluation

Col. Hornby suffers from major depressive disorder and displays symptoms of paranoid personality disorder. He has proven capable of setting aside his psychological difficulties when in crisis situations and when presented with situations he considers mentally challenging. After the conclusion of crises, however, Hornby tends to struggle with his depression, and has expressed thoughts of suicide on multiple occasions.

The depression is manageable with regular counseling and medication. Col. Hornby refuses treatment for his paranoia, crediting it with his continued survival.

Addendum: Col. Hornby is no longer permitted to check out M18A1 Claymore antipersonnel mines from the armory “for personnel use”. Hornby, you have six locks on your door already. You don’t need to booby-trap it. – O5-█

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