Close Encounter With Nobody
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Watching UFOs on ET highway.

Waiting for package. Cold out here. Where are they?

Saw the following UFOs:

  • Black sphere with long tail.
  • four-winged craft with plated surface.
  • oblong with pyramid on top.
  • One that resembled a rose.
  • lights, 24 of various sizes
  • disk shape with turbine beneath it

Some interdimensional possibly? Be nice to obtain one.

See deliverers. Nice ship.

Got package. Deliverers were well-mannered. English was a bit off but OK.

Also I can see UIU agents in distance watching. I'm acting like I can't see them. Fools. See faint red, definitely have a camera and recorded my transaction.

Will intercept them.

Destroyed evidence and applied amnestics (NOTE: get more).

UIU agents still incompetent. Good.

Package warm and light despite being large. Opened it and got the goods. Five bars of Alloy 7 (compare with Prometheus Lab synthesized ver.), 3 bars of Mekhanium, and 1 cylinder containing anti-matter (half for Lefty, owe him).

Will be useful at my lab and I could use the Mekhanium to repair some old tech I found.

First I will be staying at a motel. I am tired.

An interesting event occurred last night.

I was abducted by mechanical entities with a cephalopod appearance. They had blasted me from the motel into their ship. Called themselves "the Children of Mekhane" (they even called themselves as Servants too interchangeably. Overall, Mekhanites.) and interrogated me for the Mekhanium. It was stated as "stolen" and I was able to see the mangled remains of the deliverers. Poor guys.

They planned to torture me, but as I was left unattended I escaped. I traversed the ship and found that we were high in the sky. I had to return for the materials were camouflaged in my motel room. Foundation agents could have already been snooping around the area.

As a somewhat of a diversion and way to get down, I crashed the ship. Had to fend off the Mekhanites though (ET weapons are great and must take to Lefty. Need to make ammo). Obviously, I survived the crash but lost my left arm. Regeneration always stings for severed limbs.

So made it back and recovered the items. Foundation agents were few, and most went to crash site. Long night.

I need a drink.

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