Out of Time
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Shit. That one almost got me. I'll be fine as long as they keep their distance, though. For now at least.

Why? Why the fuck did I have to stumble upon that cave when I was a kid? Why did I go and touch that weird glowing thing?

Sure, it was cool at first. Being able to manipulate time? It's the ultimate advantage. At first, I could only slow down little objects, but I got better over time. Soon, I was able to stop things completely in their tracks. Then I could stop bigger things, and more of them at a time. Eventually, I could stop everything-

Fuck. That one came from behind. It's okay. Just gotta keep the distance.

I'll admit, I abused my powers. I humiliated jerks, teachers, and bad bosses (without giving myself away, of course). I casually strolled into women's locker rooms as they were suspended under the shower heads. I even robbed a bank a few times. I felt like nothing could stop me-

Goddammit, was that a sniper? Shit, I need to find a place to hide. I have no idea how long I can keep this up.

That's the thing. My powers are apparently only temporary. About a year ago, I lost the ability to control how long time is stopped. Suddenly, I could only hold it for so long, and "so long" has been becoming shorter and shorter every since. Now? I can only stop certain objects again. Sometimes, things around me just slow down or stop at random. I'm losing all my control…

…I think they've stopped shooting. Please, god, let them be gone.

But one of the worst things isn't even about losing control. In the periods when I froze time, I still aged. I'm seven years older than my big sister. Jesus, all the wasted hours just fucking around…

No one else knew about my abilities. I started going a little crazy when my powers began to fade. That, coupled along with my age, made my family want to get help, but I didn't want it. No one would understand, and if word got out I'd probably be kidnapped and locked up in some government lab, too weak to do anything about it. One night, my parents confronted me directly. They said they were taking me to a doctor that instant, for my own good. I was so frustrated that I just froze them in time on the spot.

I couldn't get them to move again.

I ran away. I felt bad for leaving my sister, but I wasn't going to drag her into this. I decided that I would rob the bank one last time, just to get enough so I could get out of the country. I still had just enough control over my powers to pull it off. I kinda fucked it up, though. The police arrived before I could grabbed enough cash, and this time I could only manipulate their bullets. I can't even believe I got away without any major injury.

I hid out in this abandoned building with the money. I stole stuff to make a number of traps I learned about online just in case they found me. Good thing, cause they sure fucking did. The traps bought me time, though, and now I've been on the move for the past few days. Obviously, that wasn't enough to lose them, seeing as how I almost got my brains blown out back there.

Oh fuck oh fuck I think I hear them again. Okay, I see a shed. Looks like a safe place to hide.

God, I don't even care about this fucking money anymore. I just wish things were normal aga


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