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Date was… Dunno, January, '05. Location's some nowhere town's edge in New York. Time around 6 o'clock A.M.

Officer was writing up a ticket for the sixth illegally parked car in a row when they noticed a lotta footprints in the snow leading under a nearby bridge. Decided to take a look, found six kids. All of 'em just limp along the slope down to the river.

Backup arrived. Investigation started, a rookie detective happened to brush a kid. Witnesses report a snap, then down went the dick. Died instantly, snapped vertebrae.

Picked up the radio activity, called it in and drove over. Told 'em I was with the FBI, everyone needed to evacuate the scene. Backup arrived shortly. Scooped up each object into a containment box.

Standard procedure. Kids reported missing, detective KIA in a shooting accident, amnestics for the cops. Objects cataloged and shoved in storage.

Day after, got a letter on my desk. Opened it.

Told me they were the killer.

Told me how they lured every kid under that bridge before snapping their necks.

"Like candies."

Closed it.

Tossed it in my shredder. Nothin' since.

I clean messes up. I don't fuckin' solve 'em.

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