Claw And Order

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O5-4 tapped on the screen. She was greeted by the panicked face of Captain Jean-Baptiste Cousteau of Site-45, as emergency lights flashed and illuminated the blood and dust covering him.

"We received the transmission. Any new updates?"

Cousteau was breathing heavily. "Yes, ma'am. The explosions in A and C Blocks were merely a diversion. Site security was able to capture or kill the majority of the invaders there, but the Insurgency was really after one thing: SCP-2501."

O5-4 allowed herself a silent chuckle.

"Of course. My representative should arrive shortly. Keep me updated."

The helicopter landed on 45's offshore rig seven minutes later, and a black-haired woman and two flanking, helmeted agents exited. One agent unloaded a large case from the helicopter and opened it, setting up the contraption inside. The remaining one and the woman briskly walked towards the elevator shaft, and were greeted by Captain Cousteau.

"I'm Agent Petra Marquez." She motioned towards her companion. "And Jax." She squeezed her wrist, and an implant inside it connected to the Site systems. "Straight from the top."

Captain Cousteau nodded. "Does the Black Moon howl?"

"Yes, when its prey is asleep."

The trio entered the elevator. Cousteau looked up at the frighteningly tall Jax, who had neither spoken to Cousteau nor convinced him he wasn't simply a robot. Then to Petra. "He doesn't say much, does he?"

"Spare me the small talk. I've been briefed on the situation already. If it were my job, I'd be grilling you all on how exactly Insurgency moles managed to get in here the long way and steal one of the most valuable items in this facility." She tapped her foot. "That's the Director of Internal Security's job; he'll be here in an hour."

The elevator reached the bottom, and the doors opened. Cousteau and Jax exited. Petra pressed her wrist against a console in the elevator, spoke a passcode, and pricked her finger on a sensor. A green glow emanated as the elevator continued downwards.

After what seemed like hours, the doors opened again to an extensive, concrete cave looking like a mix between a Costco and the warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark. F-block was derided as a rumor by the staff. Only the Site Director and a select few even knew this place existed, let alone what it contained. Petra followed the directions the O5 had provided her, and wheeled the sealed item lockbox back to the elevator for her ascent.

The elevator glided smoothly upward as Petra closed her eyes and focused on the mission. The sun should have set by now, thankfully.

Petra walked back out to the helipad, which had been cleared of all personnel, with the box. The second faceless assistant had set up a large, tripod-like apparatus, and was communicating with O5-4. Petra keyed another passcode and gave another pinprick of blood, and the box popped open. Inside was a somewhat familiar, oversized metal gauntlet with wires and pistons covering it.

Noticing her companion's surprise, Petra spoke. "Yep. 2501 is actually part of a set." She placed her arm inside the gauntlet and affixed it to the tripod before flipping the switch to " ВКЛ" and turning the dial to the max.

"2501-ACHAN is in place, O5-4. Ready to receive coordinates."

The tripod received the signal, and moved on its own so that the gauntlet was pointing up into the sky. A blue light flashed, and Petra closed her fist.

Nothing happened.

O5-4 said simply "Objective completed". Satisfied, Petra powered down the gauntlet and the tripod, removed her arm, and placed the gauntlet back in its case. "Put the tripod away and get ready for takeoff. I'll go put this thing back."

The lone Chaos Insurgency operative sat in the space capsule, ready to aim THE CLAW at Earth itself once he received the signal from his superiors. Suddenly, alarms began to blare. A rather large asteroid had materialized out of nowhere and was rapidly closing in. Desperate, he aimed the claw at the approaching celestial body and squeezed.

Nothing happened.

The asteroid crushed the capsule, flew off toward the edge of the Solar System, and Earth was saved once more.

O5-4 sipped her drink. With a tap of her finger, she dispatched Petra to retrieve 2501 from the wreckage upon landfall, and return it to a secure location.

"Rock beats scissors, bitches."

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