Classical Revival Index Page

This is the hub page for all stories within the Classical Revival mini-canon. For those unfamiliar with it, the Revival is an attempt to hearken back to the old, pre-Mass Edit days of the site, but with more modern sensibilities. This Foundation is smaller, more tightly-knit, and in some ways both more outrageous and more reasonable than the usual: SCPs that can be used or reasoned with are used to the fullest extent possible, harmless SCPs will have far more relaxed security measures, and incredibly dangerous ones are on the list to be destroyed as soon as possible.

Anyone wishing to write a tale set in the Classical Revival canon is more than welcome to do so, but it’s advised that you check with Djoric to make sure it does not clash with canon or planned stories.

This document will be updated as the series develops.

The Main Storyline

1) Origination – August 7, 1993 – The aftermath of the discovery of the Statue.
2) Founding – August 12, 1993 – A plan is made, and Dr. Crow officially creates the Foundation out of the staff from his various pet projects.
3) And So On And So Forth - March 15, 1994 - Containment breach!
4) Green – November 17, 1996 – Francis’ powers as a reality bender are rudely awakened.
5) Able Baker Charlie - May 2, 1997 - Hello: My name is Agent Ukulele.
6) A Long Time Past - May 10, 1997 - Destiny is a heavy burden.
7) It Wasn't a Vacation - September 21, 1997 - In which Jack Bright is featured.
8) Interlude 1: Patches - March - October 1997 - A few holes are filled, the O5 come about, and Pat makes an appearance.
9) New Year's (Part 1) - December 31, 1997 - Alto H. Clef, ladies and gentlemen.
10) New Year's (Part 2) - January 1, 1998 - Family reunion time. Also whoa ten stories.
11) And So It Is Now - April 30, 1998 - In which Able returns to civilization.
12) Upswing of Disorder - May 4, 1998 - The Insurgency of 1998. People die, things get real.
13) Interlude 2: Notes from the Great Mare - June - September 2003 - Some audio journals from Epon.
14) A-C Sharp-E - May 2, 2004 - A few revelations, supposedly.
15) Interlude 3: A Few Minor Counts of Bookkeeping - The sound felt makes as it's dragged on a polished table.

More coming soon!

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