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Hello, I make graphics and things. I hope they're helpful to whatever you're doing!

GOIs and other logos

Comm. on Unusual Cargo


The Foundation RPG


Government Seals

Because the Foundation interacts with so many government entities—real and fictional alike—it makes sense to occasionally want to use government and federal seals. However, most Federal Governments put serious restrictions on the use of these seals. In the United States, for example, US Federal logos and seals are Public Domain but their use is further restricted by federal law. To get around this, creatives wanting to use these logos in fiction will often modify several (usually 3 or more) elements of the logo or seal, therefore making it, effectively, not the official logo anymore.

Below are some logos created to help with this problem. All of these logos are either completely original works, or are derivative works of Public Domain works.

Remember: the licensing team are the ones who make the final call on any approved variations on government seals and logos. Always ask first!

Note: Even though these logos below are not official seals, using something that resembles a government seal to make a fake government document for fraudulent/impersonation purposes is still super illegal. So don't, like, print them out and put them on letterhead and pretend to be an FBI agent, okay?











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