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Internal Investigations Employee Dossier


Dr. Randall Bessette displaying inappropriate emotions during Incident SCP-███-3a

Name: Randall Bessette
Position: Researcher
Security Clearance: Level 4
Employee Number: 730-0127-41343
SCP Database Designation: CirclesAndSquares
Post: Site 2289

Projects: SCP-1404, SCP-2119, SCP-2509, SCP-2646
Additional Files: Cakework, His Name, Excitement

Investigation Notes: Dr. Randall Bessette has come under investigation for questionable emotional responses to various recent events. Colleagues have noted that Bessette has expressed elation, glee, and excitement when made aware of developing emergency situations. Coworkers report inappropriate grinning, laughter, and hand clapping during recent containment breaches, Site incursions, and at the destruction of D-Class personnel during testing. While pleasure in one's work is encouraged by the Foundation, Bessette's attitudes are possibly symptomatic of post-traumatic stress, a sociopathic nature, or a hostility towards the Foundation and its mission.

Official response is pending a full psychological evaluation.

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