Agent Andrew C. "Circeus" Hunter's Personnel File

Name: Andrew C██████ Hunter.
Operator's Tag: Agent Hunter, Agent Circeus
Security Clearance Level: 4
Current Assignment: Mobile Task Force Alpha-2 ("The Mailmen").

Agent Hunter is an experienced part of the Mail Service who regularly oversees the moving of SCPs between facilities and to testing location. When not involved in missions, he assists in research under Dr. Ziegler at Sector 28. Mostly this involve cleaning up Ziegler's typically incoherent SCP reports.

I gotta get the old man into a writing class or something. A SCP report is not a frickin' stream of thought!

Hunter was born and raised in █████, Illinois. During his studies (Master's degrees in Plant science with a minor in geography), he collaborated with the Foundation in eliminating various instances of anomalous data and suppress rumors on campus, and was subsequently recruited as his background as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve made him a valuable assets. Nobody quite knows the origins of the "Circeus" nickname. Rumors has it Hunter is particularly embarrassed by his middle name, and staff took to creative nicknaming. This one was the only one that stuck.

Agent Hunter and his friend, Agent Damian Thornton, have taken a liking to SCP-261 and will experiment with it given even the slightest chance. Following an incident, Agent Hunter's natural body hair color has permanently changed from a pale brown to sky blue.

Writing credits

  • SCP-443 - Thought-Streaming Crayons
  • SCP-476 - Map to Nowhere
  • SCP-519 - Cheeky Phone Booth
  • SCP-576 - Contradictory Metro Station
  • SCP-671 - Deconstructing Ants
  • SCP-669 - Portable Satellite Original concept significantly altered, but not deleted.
  • SCP-563 - Holographic Flip-Flops
  • SCP-414 - Welcoming Doormat
  • SCP-125 - Contagious Reflection


Destroyed in the great purge:

  • SCP-192 - Memory-Altering Bed
  • SCP-328 - Alchemical Makeup
  • SCP-552 - Universal Absorbent Diaper
  • SCP-613 - Desaturating Memetic Disease
  • SCP-670 - Murder by Monitor
  • SCP-2863-j - The Gaffophone
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