Cimmerian-Kaktus Proposal

The Broke God

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SCP-001-J evading creditors in a 1990 Toyota Corolla by fleeing into space. The automobile has since been repossessed.

Item #: SCP-001-J

Object Class: Iyov

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-J is under no circumstances to be allowed access to monetary gifts of any kind. Staff must relinquish all currency on their person before engaging in any interaction with SCP-001-J.

The containment of SCP-001-J does not appear at this time to be attainable by the Foundation. However, due to SCP-001-J's apparent apprehension involving creditors, it may be possible to effect containment through such entities. More research is needed in this field.

Description: SCP-001-J is an omniscient, omnipotent, omnitemporal entity named Michael Kain, who is the primary deity worshiped by a group of religious zealots calling themselves "The Church of the Broke God". SCP-001-J wields great and terrible cosmic power, while possessing a distinct and crippling lack of adequate financial planning skills.

SCP-001-J requires a significant influx of cash money in order to pay, in his own words, "the water bill, child support payments, bread, and some of those little hot dogs because protein is a must if you're just barely making ends meet." However, any amount of money given to SCP-001-J, by any individual and for any reason, will somehow mysteriously disappear, despite SCP-001-J's insistence that it was not spent on booze, cigarettes, and porno mags.

Discovery: SCP-001-J was discovered by O5-1 on a business trip to New York during an event later described by SCP-001-J as "that time you totally contained me", where O5-1 stopped SCP-001-J from stealing a bagel by shouting "hey, don't steal that bagel". Ever since O5-1 offered to pay for SCP-001-J's bagel, and gave him a few bucks for a cab, SCP-001-J has left no fewer than 17,000 voicemails on O5-1's phone, typically asking for money or, in some cases, talking at length about unrelated events before eventually asking for money.

Addendum 001-J.1: Recorded Voicemails

The following voicemails were received by O5-1's office between April 20th, 2017, and May 1st, 2017. Notably, both the Global Occult Coalition and the Serpent's Hand also confirmed that SCP-001-J had called them asking for money during this time, while the Chaos Insurgency reported that SCP-001-J had called them, but only burped into the phone for fifteen seconds and hung up.






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