Carroll #280/R-01221
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Chicago Spirit Repeating Order (R-01221)


(EST. 1835)

Richard Chappell repeating order complaint
Swine's Den Facility,
Chicago, Illinois1
October 8th, 1927
  • Chicago Spirit Organization Leader, Richard Chappell
  • Chicago Spirit Organization Enforcer, Julius McGallan
  • Chicago Spirit Organization Delivery Driver, Donald Smith
  • Master Foreman Kowalewicz2
  • Secretary Adriana Ramirez3
Chicago Spirit founder Richard Chappell reached out to the Factory Administrative Department in order to arrange a meeting with Master Foreman Kowalewicz, the lead foreman on Product 03265972.

Chappell was greeted warmly by Foreman Kowalewicz at noon on March 3rd, 1932. After explaining his grievances, Foreman Kowalewicz asked of the manner in which Chappell was using Product 03265972. Chappell was offered a tour of IL-9128657-NEM gratis in order to display the method in which the byproducts of Product 03265972 were used.


After using Product 03265972 to dispose of items related to a Chicago Spirit Operation4, Chappell stated that the output was less than satisfactory.5 Chappell came to confront Foreman Kowalewicz alongside Julius McGallan.67

Actor Action Factory Response

Chappell and McGallan arrive on the grounds of IL-9128657-NEM.

Adriana Ramirez greets the pair of outside Actors.

Chappell asks to see the foreman in charge.

Ramirez summons Kowalewicz from the factory floor, stating that Mr. Chappell and Mr. McGallan are here to see him.8 Foreman Kowalewicz appears before the two clients some minutes later.

Chappell and McGallan inquire as to the nature of the failing of the products delivered.

Foreman Kowalewicz expresses regret at the situation, and offers a tour of the factory floor.910 Chappell acquiesces, and McGallan reluctantly agrees to accompany him.
Chappell and McGallan enter the factory floor, escorted by Foreman Kowalewicz. Chappell notes that they recognize some of the workers, who have been recruited through the use of Product 03265972.1112 They inquire as to the absence of several individuals who were eliminated during the aforementioned Chicago Spirit operation. Foreman Kowalewicz offers a five-minute stop to all machinery for inspection and invites Chappell and McGallan over to examine a metal shaper.

McGallan steps forward first, to check if it is safe for Chappell to inspect. He immediately recoils upon seeing the inner workings, and Chappell steps forward, finding the contents of the machine to his liking.1314

Master Foreman Kowalewicz roughly explains the mechanism behind Product 03265972's liquor conversion.15
Master Foreman Kowalewicz continues his explanation.16
Chappell shows understanding as to why the product has been acting in error, and thanks Master Foreman Kowalewicz for his time.17 Master Foreman Kowalewicz offers to escort the two non-Factory actors out of the building. McGallan rushes ahead, citing illness.
Exiting the building, Chappell, McGallan, and Kowalewicz encounter Chicago Spirit Organization Delivery Driver, Donald Smith, loading several unused instances of Product 03265972.

As a show of goodwill, Kowalewicz offers for an additional half-pallet to be loaded onto the truck gratis.

Donald Smith, unused to the appearance of a Factory Master Foreman, drops the item he is currently loading and proceeds to enter his car and drive without securing his load, causing destruction of product.

Kowalewicz apologizes for not reverting to a more publicly acceptable form and asks that the Non-Factory Actors wait for a new shipment to be loaded and delivered.

Chappell extends his hand to Foreman Kowalewicz and expresses an interest in continued business.18

Foreman Kowalewicz and Chappell shake hands, Kowalewicz praises Chappell's practices.19


Incident was resolved amicably. Orders of Product 03265972 by the Chicago Spirit have increased. However, due to the guidance given by Master Foreman Kowalewicz, the amount of replacement parts created as byproduct of Product 03265972 has decreased sharply. Suggest finding new avenues for organic part acquisition, possibly from Slaughterhouse IL-249.

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