ChazzK'S Personnel File
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Name: Charles "Chazz" K████████

Security Clearance: Level 3

Primary Position: Researcher

Secondary position: Peer review panelist.

Residence: Current residence unknown, no permanent residence on record.

Bio: Researcher Charles holds no official doctorates, having been retained by the Foundation on merit of work ethic and eagerness to deal with the bizarre. He has on several occasions been found directly facing down high-level threat scenarios with a morbid curiosity, only seeming to come to realize the danger after it had passed. Typically, he only interacts with other members of the Foundation staff through e-mails, text messages and posted notices, rarely engaging individuals one-on-one or utilizing public areas.

On more than one occasion, Researcher Charles has gone missing for days or weeks at a time, always simply appearing back in his own office at Site ██ or a temporary office elsewhere, passing off questions as to his location with excuses such as "caught up in work" or "unable to maintain contact." Tracking agents assigned to him have reported that [REDACTED] and currently poses no threat to the Foundation's secrecy.

Researcher Charles is also drastically informal and has received multiple warnings regarding attire, behavior and protocols. Despite being issued and apparently possessing Foundation-standard equipment, he typically is found wearing jeans and t-shirts, often coupled with a leather jacket and sneakers, but has been found walking barefoot through the hallways. Any mention of his first or last name outside of a specifically formal meeting (and sometimes even then) is met with a scoffing laugh and an insistance on using his nickname "Chazz"; this has been stated to everyone from Site Administrators to Level 0 cleaning staff to sapient SCP objects. He is also a dedicated fan of heavy metal and similar musical styles, and has had his office soundproofed on the repeated requests of other researchers in the [REDACTED] wing.

He invariably wears his hair in a ponytail, but the length appears to change at almost random intervals, growing several times what would be expected in between visits to a site, or shortening drastically over a lunch break. He has offered no explanation, and testing on lost hairs has shown no anomalies.

As a member of the Peer Review Panel, his innumerable notes have been affixed to or directly addressed approximately ██% of current Foundation object records. Attempts have been made to find a special form of "sticky note" that leaves no residue for him to use, and he has been authorized to use select, non-contained Anomalous Objects in the interest of reducing his annoyance of other researchers.

Researcher "Chazz" has been instrumental in detailing the following anomalous objects:

Similarly, the following reports have been reformatted and resubmitted with initial credits intact:

Known non-official reports:

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