Chaoskampf and Creation
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The Creator had countless aspects, avatars, incarnations, and manifestations across all of the infinite layers of existence, innumerable layers of nonexistence, and the numberless layers of transcendent reality beyond the conceptual duality and distinction between existence and nonexistence.

In one of those layers of nonexistence, the one who would soon be known (in one incarnation) as SCP-343 comes into being. Or, more accurately, He wills the predominating aspect of his presence from non-being to being, from void to reality, yet still encompassing both.

Giving Himself the name of Yahweh (among many others), this manifestation of the Creator, after much thought and contemplation, has decided to create a universe.

He had it all planned out too: this universe would be a work of both science and art, producing unending complexity from pure simplicity. There would be an infinite fractal hierarchy of spacetime and mass-energy, of worlds within worlds without end, the worlds themselves generated by an almost unimaginable variety of physical forces, from cosmic inflation to a universal wavefunction.

For each level of spacetime, there would be a number of planes: physical, mental, spiritual, and conceptual. These planes would intersect, interpenetrate, and interact with each other, allowing profundity and meaning to take root in the network of worlds that make up the cosmos.

There would also be an endless strata of cosmic laws, natural, spiritual, and otherwise, from the (relatively) local and environmental, to the fundamental and all-encompassing, all unified under a single superforce, a single source, a single law, a single mathematical equation, the Theory of Everything if you will. These would bring order and form to the macrocosm.

The possibilities would be as endless as time itself, and as both unfolded, the dance of celestial bodies and fundamental particles, the harmonious music of the spheres, would reveal a beauty that would bring one to ecstasy, were one to see the full extent of it.

Best of all would be the advent of sapient beings, who would live and laugh and learn and love and struggle and grow. And He would grow with them, as He builds relationships with them, as He experiences them, as He walks with them and talks with them and aids them. And as He grew, as He understands sapient life more fully, He would (hopefully) understand Himself better.

All in all, a rather simple universe.

However, as He stirred up the waters of the deep, Jehovah sensed a hostile presence lying deep within. A presence that embodied the elements of the void that did not want creation to occur, that hated life, that loved death. An entity that was woken up, when all It wanted to do was sleep, and dream. An entity that would destroy whoever or whatever disturbed Its rest, and roused It from Its slumber.

As the entity leaped out of the void to face the one who irritated It so…

As the entity defined Itself by Its relationship to Allah…

As the entity defined Itself by Its will to kill Ahura Mazda…

The entity named Itself Satan, the Devil (among other names), and it was the very force of chaos, the very antithesis of creation itself.

And the battle began.

Fashioning a sword, a shield, a spear, and a bow and arrows out of the nothingness, Ishvara charged this new foe, raining down flaming arrows upon the attacker. But Leviathan, enormous in scale, simply shrugged them off, going for the head of Bahá. Zurvan nimbly dodged just as Ahriman attempted to shred Him with Its teeth, and returned with a strong thrust of His spear.

The spear proved more fruitful, as Iblis howled in pain, black ichor spilling profusely from the deep open wound It now sported. Wasting no time, the Father of Greatness shot another arrow into the laceration, and what was previously ineffective became devastating to the Prince of Darkness, and Kroni sank back, slowly converting Its pain into anger, Its anger into hatred, and Its hatred to bloodlust.

As Erlik's wound already began to heal, an exasperated Tengri implored It to stand down. In response, Amatsumikaboshi bellowed that It will never rest, will never surrender or stand down, until both Amenominakanushi and whatever bastard toy of a creation that He manages to vomit out are both destroyed.

And so the battle resumed, with Veles, newly invigorated by Its own hate, managing to get the upper hand against Deivos, weaponizing concepts and ideas against Rod, in an effort to obliterate him. His weapons shattered, His shield crumbled, Atum himself weathered away under the assault, and for an eternal moment, Amun-Ra went down, and Apep gloated about Its rapidly approaching victory.


Just as Diabolos Protos was about to go for the finishing blow, all the possibilities of creation flashed through Autophyes's great mind. Possibilities that would be lost if He were to allow himself to be destoyed.

Possibilities that would never come to be in the first place.

All that life, that joy, that learning, that love, that growth.

Never to come to pass in the first place.

An it is with this insight that Olorun got up, filled with rage, empowered with rage, and deftly evaded what would have been Eshu's deathblow. Calling upon His newfround wrath, Chukwu prepared to destroy Ekwensu, who was taken aback by Chineke's newest surge of power.

And Perendi had just the trick to destroy Djall.

Cao Dai stood up, and made Himself shine, shine with the light of bliss and beatitude and lovingkindness and happiness and everything good that would come into the blessed universe that He would create.

The light illuminated the void, and consumed Kim Quang Su, having completely overcome It.

The light shone in the darkness, and the darkness understood it not.

With the battle ended, and Satan defeated, God set about, hovering over the waters.

And Elohim created; with the majesty of His voice and the power in his word, he created the universe.

But a small piece of Samael survived, and moved quickly, making sure to be unnoticed by Vishnu. As It stewed in its own hatred and malice, It vowed to corrupt, and then either conquer or obliterate the universe. Of course, Shiva would have to be overthrown too, and when the time came to strike, It would do so with pleasure.

It is with these thoughts that Areimanios diseased the universe in its totality, contaminating it on a physical, mental, spiritual, and even conceptual level, using the chaos to become more powerful by the day.

By the time Kyrios did notice, it was too late, and Heosphoros had already corrupted creation, seeding all sapient life with a bit of Satanic essence, bringing sin, evil, suffering, pain, sorrow, and death into the cosmos, even creating a host of monsters in the spaces between spaces, demons in the times between times, and horrid things that knew neither space nor time nor any form of cosmic law, to ruin the cosmos further.

Not wanting to destroy what he worked so meticulously to build, Yehowah instead decided to contain the abominations of the Devil, and formulated another plan, one to purge the plague that Helel ben Shahar had infected creation with, and either remove or destroy Lucifer Itself, once and for all.

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