Chaos Insurgency is a Stupid Name: Prologue
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"Chaos Insurgency is a stupid name,"

Dr. Marion commented as he typed away with abandon upon his keyboard, the discordant noise being something familiar within the room that the inhabitants were used to.

The bomb spec that had previously been fidgeting with a Rubik's cube looked down from his seat upon the desk that Marion currently worked on, "That's why everyone just calls it The Insurgency, dear. We can't exactly just ask Alpha Command to change the whole organization's name because certain people think it's 'edgy'," Matthew reasoned.

"Well, Alpha Command can go suck a d-,"

Matthew had zoned out, knowing full well how Marion got when writing documentation. Marion was an outside guy, and it was apparent with how he looked much more fit than Matthew. Matthew figured that the reason he was let out of prison was that Marion wouldn't go without him. So what do you do with the guy you don't want? Slap some C4 on his chest and call him an explosive expert. Jokes on them, Matthew was a damn good defuser that knows his way around a bundled-up bunch of wires.

"…And then they say that the Operation is changing? We have spent most of our resources on the containment, study, and execution of anomalies but they want us to switch gears so suddenly? Fucking ridiculous," Dr. Marion spoke, his voice finally piercing Matthew's daydream.

Matthew looked down at Marion with alarm, "What? Change the Operation…the guys never said anything about that."


"…I thought you weren't listening…"

Matthew slid in front of Marion as he still sat upon the desk, pushing the keyboard aside as he was now in front of the computer, "Tell me what's up," he spoke quickly.

Marion quickly recoiled his hands, staring up at Matthew with a withering gaze, "It's supposed to be classified for now Matt. You know how Command is. Just go back to your cube there and let me work," he brought a hand to swiff his ear-length blonde hair to one side.

"Oh c'mon, I'll take the fall if you get in trouble. What's the Operation change all about?" He leaned forward, the black gas mask tightly clasped to Matthew's face so close to Marion's awkward-looking visage that he could see the wild green eyes through those tinted lenses.

Marion bit his lip and glanced away, narrowed eyes calculating how he should weigh the situation. Should he hold his ground and risk failing Matthew's trust or give in and risk a severe information breach? "Okay…but you don't utter a single word to anyone, got it?" He spoke sharply as Matthew nodded eagerly.

Marion stood up and grabbed Matthew's hips, lifting him up and placing him down upon the seat that the doctor originally was on. Matthew was always surprised at how strong Marion was, but supposed someone had to pull the weight of the relationship.

Marion began slowly pacing as he began to speak, "Okay. So…technically the whole Operation isn't changing. We have done well enough, actually probably the whole point in our shift is with how good we've been doing." He stops before looking directly at Matthew's mask, "The Operation has been overachieving so they want to take some people from here and develop a new Operation."

"What are they calling the new Operation? What does it do?"

Marion shrugged, "They called it Operation Liquidation. The head of the meeting didn't describe what the Operation does but I suspect they will reveal it all soon enough."

Matthew crossed his arms and leaned his head back, "Sounds shady. Whenever Alpha Command gets ideas you know it can be either great or horrible." He lifted his mask slightly just to scratch at chin a bit, "Who's being pulled off this Operation onto the new one?"

Marion went over to his old coffee machine, a busted-up thing that only even accepted K-cups. He quietly answered as he fiddled with the screen, "Haven't decided as of yet from what I gathered. Honestly Matthew, they just sat down some of the higher-ups and said that there would be a new Operation and we're taking people off of this one due to the apparent success that we are having."

The two went into silence for a while, the air only being broken by the occasional noise of the coffee machine being shaken before eventually Marion gave the machine a swift punch causing it to sputter back into function. Matthew slowly circled within the chair before taking a glance at the computer his partner had been previously working on. The background had a picture of Matthew sleeping at a guard post outside, leaning against a tree that was a favorite by many personnel for the shade. The picture had been taken when a large amount of water was nearing his face, a bucket off-screen having been launched at Matthew.

He perused around all the apps before deciding to open up a tab, wanting to take a peek at what Marion has been up to. He decided he would check his email first, typing in the address before being introduced to a login page. He took a glance over to his oblivious darling who had the mini-fridge open and was taking out materials to make sandwiches for the both of them, the bomb spec realizing now that he forgot to eat again. He shrugged before focusing back onto the screen, placing in the login and inspecting a recent email that had come up…..ten minutes ago?!

"What are you doing?" Marion grabbed the back of the chair that Matthew settled within before pulling him back so he could step in front of the screen and hunch over to inspect the message. Matthew stayed silent as he peered over and noticed the sandwiches were made, laying upon the table and ready to be eaten.

Marion sighed, going to his full height and looking toward Matthew, "I swear to God Matt, you can't be re-" He paused as he stared at his boyfriend, Matthew having his mask lifted enough to show his mouth, busily munching on the sandwich.

"Sowry!" The muffled voice spoke out from Matthew as Marion couldn't help but facepalm, logging out of his email.

He went to kneel in front of Matthew, "Look…you…I figure you're worried. I'm gonna make sure you get through this alri-"

"I'm nof-", Matthew paused before swallowing, "I'm not worried, Marion."

Marion frowned, "Matt, darling, we're dealing with MTF, the best of the best. You are inexperienced…you…how are you not worried about this?!"

Matthew shrugged, "Because I have you."

A long moment of silence filled the room as Marion just stared at the other with one-half confusion and the other half almost impressed. The frown that originally plagued his face just faded, a long sigh being released from him before he stood up and pulled the other into a hug. Matthew squeaked and nearly dropped his sandwich, saving it at the last moment as he got squeezed.

"Okay, I'm worried. Is that better?" Marion corrected himself, "…Also that was incredibly cheesy."

Matthew gave a small chuckle before finally returning the hug, "Oh come on…what's there to worry about?"

Marion sighed, "You're right, look let's just wait until the courier arrives with the packet, then we can talk about this later. Uh….what we're we talking about before?"

Matthew rose an eyebrow before removing himself from the hug, "About how the Chaos Insurgency is a stupid name?"

"Right, who the hell willingly puts Chaos in their name?"

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