Chaos Arts

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Welcome to my humble little art page! It will serve as the central repository for all vector and raster art that I have created specifically for direct use on the SCP Wiki, or indirectly related to subject matter and creative works on the SCP Wiki (aka Fan Art).

Vector (SVG) Art

ACS Icons

These icons are designed to be used with the Anomaly Classification System.

Containment Class Icons

Containment Subclass Icons

Disruption Class Icons

Risk Class Icons

Group Icon Render

SCP Icons

SCP Logos

SCP Therianthropy Department Logos

Clip Art

External Website Links

Links to my accounts on other websites, where I've created Artwork, Code, and other Creative Works unrelated to the SCP Wiki.

Donations Link

Please consider donating to my GoFundMe to help me buy a new refrigerator for my personal food storage, as well as perishable food to store in it. My family only pays for one of my three daily meals, my dinner, while breakfast & lunch are up to me to pay for.


$ 615 raised of $ 1, 0 0 0 goal!

Please consider donating to my GoFundMe to help me pay for more food and a new fridge to put it in. My mini-fridge recently broke, and I'm in the process of replacing it. I still need a little more money to buy the fridge & more perishable food to put in it. Food would definitely help give me the energy I need to create more artwork and other creative works for the SCP Wiki.

DISCLAIMER (last updated July 18th, 2021)
As required by the SCP Wiki Official Donations Policy.

  • You will be charged immediately, but only one time, for the amount you pledge towards this GoFundMe campaign, for those not familiar with how GoFundMe works.
  • You will not receive anything specific in return for your donation, no matter how much you donate.
  • However, I do sometimes pay kindness and generosity forward, and I might make gifts for some donators, but I don't make commitments and will only make gifts if I can find the time to do so. A donation doesn't count as payment for an art commission.
  • Ultimately, you are NOT guaranteed anything in return for donating. I hope I've been clear on that.

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