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The Commander sternly stared over his crew. They were a good crew, rich with protein. For a moment, he steeled his nerves. "Alright squad. This is it. Today, we infiltrate the hated Foundation's fortress of death, and take our hostage!"

The soldiers buzzed with anticipation. Many whipped their hair around, or took off into the air. The excitement in the air was palpable. It was a scene of total exhilaration.

"Today… the Queen's Navy breaks into Site-77!"

Crew members erupted into applause. "To the battlestations!" yelled the Commander. "The Queen's Navy shall not be denied! Our enemies will be vanquished! Our allies liberated! This is our turning point!"

Still cheering, they flew like the wind to their positions. The Commander sat himself in the command module, looking out his windows to the world. "Now… we use stealth. Infiltration tactics. Like only we can do."

Security Officer Macintosh was manning the security compound component of Site-77's entrance chamberlock. She probably wouldn't have even looked up for more than the second it took to visually confirm that it was Dr. Roget entering. But today, like many other days past, Dr. Roget was using somebody else's keycard. She buzzed the intercom, and peered through the tinted window as he repeatedly stuck the ID card into the identifier. "Dr. Roget, why do you have Researcher Davis' keycard?"

"I, uh…" 'Ralph' coughed, and shifted his weight. He was wearing a hat and dark glasses, with his collar pulled up to his cheeks. His voice was hoarse. "We were both at a real wild party last night, after my flight got in. I've got, like, the worst hangover ever. Do you think we could skip the biometrics? I just want to go to my desk and die."

"Where's your ID card?"

"Davis has it. He'll be along later, let him in too."

She sighed. "Alright Ralph. This is the last time, though. Your gram's been on our asses about this. Says we're enabling you, and it does pose a security risk. Obviously, not saying you're going to do anything, but you know how it is."

Ralph grinned at her. She couldn't see through the glass, but his teeth were a grocery bag brown. "I'll smooth things over with her, don't worry. She usually drops by my office for a chat in the afternoons, so I'll talk to her then. Sound good?"

The heavy blast doors answered for her, pulling open and allowed Roget to enter Site-77.

Macintosh went back to watching the cameras.

The Commander piloted the HMS Not-Roget into the bowels of Site-77.

Finding Roget's office wasn't the main difficulty, but moving there undetected was. It was nerve-wracking, having to exchange pleasantries with so many Foundation personnel. How could one man know so many people? It seemed like every other person had nosy questions about the trip Roget had taken, or how he was feeling and asking why his face looked like that. The Commander brushed them off. Just get to the office…

Finally, the vessel slipped behind the office door, and locked it. As the Commander ordered the Not-Roget to sit down at the desk, he grinned internally. Sooner or later, she would come. Then, the standoff could begin. Their comrades-in-arms illegitimately imprisoned in Site-58 would not have to wait for long. Soon, their liberation would be at hand.

As the Commander waited, he found himself amused by the contents of the office. Their intelligence had been dead wrong. They'd predicted a messy environment, perfect for laying lots of scouts in waiting. Instead, it was incredibly neat and tidy. The plants had plastic covering them, and the desk was positively sparkling.

The Commander ordered the deployment of the scouts. That was when the gas began to seep in. Instantly, the alarm was raised. Retreat! Flee! The operation was compromised! The Foundation knew? Oh, god, how did they know?

The HMS Not-Roget managed to get to the door, but collapsed with one hand on the knob. Before long, it was all over. The Commander went down with his ship.


PRINCIPALS INVOLVED: SCP-2324 Doctor Ralph Roget, Security Officer Angela Macintosh, Director Shirley Gillespie, Junior Researcher Donald Davis (DECEASED)

INCIDENT DETAILS: On ██/██/████, an instance of SCP-2324-A was able to infiltrate Site-77 by impersonating Dr. Roget, who was due to return from a vacation to Toronto that day or the next. The host vessel was Junior Researcher Donald Davis, who is believed to have been infected by unknown means within 24 hours of the incident. Gross lapses in security protocols by Officer Macintosh allowed this Keter-Class entity to reach the administrative offices. Further tragedy was averted when a scheduled fumigation in Dr. Roget's office terminated all instances of SCP-2324.

Director Gillespie is believed to have been the target of this infiltration. The Director has ordered a full overhaul of security protocols, and a complete replacement of security personnel within Site-77, to be implemented by Security Chief Anderson. Doctor Andy Toxie, Foundation toxicologist, has been commended and recommended for a Foundation Star by Director Gillespie for the potency of his fumigation, which saved countless lives.

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