Cavalcade (Hub)
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The light of spring flowed from the sky,
and touched upon the Town.
When, from the mountains up on high,
the Troupe came marching down.

They rode on horses draped in red,
as well as green and white.
And on each covered, silent head,
gold bells danced in the light.

And when the townsfolk came to see
the strangers in their home,
the trav'lers did remove their masks
and summoned forth a tome.

So they did speak, so they did tell
of things beyond compare.
Of stranger lands than Heav'n or Hell
and creatures living there.

They spoke and spoke, and when one chose
to state that he was through,
then from her seat, another rose
and spoke words loud and true.

When each was done, they donned their masks
and climbed upon their beasts
and bade the horses double fast,
proceeding to the east.

And so the Troupe did leave the Town,
a new tradition made.
As all things start, so they wear down:
such is the Cavalcade.

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