Author Page - Roxanne B.


Hey kid, want your palm read? Maybe a tarot read? Nah? Fair 'nough.
Give me a gun and I'll sing you a song that ends the world.

The Writer Formerly Known As Casponaut

Hey there! Name's Roxanne B. I'm a queer (she/it) game designer and author, and I've been on and off the wiki since about 2017.

In regards to WHAT I write, I'm a huge fan of SCPs and tales that focus on the wonder and mystery of the SCP Canon, as well as those that focus on the people that live inside it, not just scary monsters or weird things. If it's gonna be weird, make it as weird as possible!

My favorite authors at the moment are

  • William Gibson
  • Porpentine Charity Heartscape
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Jeff Vandermeer

I love to write queer narratives, New Weird fiction, and absolute bizzaro shit.

Catch ya' on the flipside!

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