Roxanne C.'s Personnel File

NAME: Roxanne C.

SECURITY LEVEL: Level-2 (probational)


LOCATION: "Fuck you."

PERSONAL HISTORY: A student at ██████████ University, █████████████ - Researcher Roxanne C████████ was recruited by the Foundation after their experiences dealing with a localized anomalous incident incited by a fellow student (also recruited by the Foundation, see personnel file for Dr. H. West).

Roxanne C. specializes in anomalous culture, namely, those that arise on the internet. This, along with their age, has led to them being assigned to projects dealing with memetic anomalies as well as online religions and such.

While having an excellent track record with regards to work quality and experience in the field, Junior Researcher C. is held back by their attitude and lack of work ethic. Currently, they've been put on probation regarding their Level 2 clearance regarding an incident involving several prominent anartists, including author ██████ ██████. This lack of work ethic and poor attitude is why they have not yet been promoted to full Researcher status.


Junior Researcher C. was assigned to the following SCP's as a leading researcher.


They assisted in the development of the following documents and research materials.

What if People Were Bees

And I'd Let That Lonesome Whistle Blow My Blues Away...

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