Carlysle Aktus is a prickly bastard (AN: high school AU)
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AN: im writing this becaus i dont like how carlisles route is handled in the gamme. u basically only get 2 be friends with him and i think es really awsome so im writing this story to show how it should be reallu.

SCP VN is normally in site 19 but i think highscool of cheyenne point is better place to set it because everyone can idtenfitywith highscool relly well and im in highschool so i want to.-yoric the snek//

YORIC the highschool student was very nervous on his first day of school. He had just moved to cheyenne point from Pheonix arizona to cheyenne point he had wanted to move for a while because this was where his dad (Agent Dimitri Strelnilkov) lived. he had wanted to get away from the halls of his fenix arizona highschool for so long. now he had a chance- to go live with his father, russian strongman and secrit agent strelnikov. the man who strangeled a whale with his bear hands.

wen yoric arrived at cheyenne point, location of the highschool, sisters of cheyenne point, the famouse SCP FOUNDATION feeder school that created such agents as agent dr imants and doctor professor imants, the famous wonde twins, strelnikov ment him at the small airport that servicesd the area.

Strelnikov said in his deep russian voice and thick accent "Hello Yoric my son it is good to see you alive and well. Are you here to be trained as russian like aI amn?:"

Yoric said "no father i am here to attend South Cheyenne Point Highschool" but then strelnikov boomed "GOOD! WE WILL START TRAINING IMMEDIAT"

and so they left to hgo to strelnikov';s lodge. there over the course of a year yoric learned how 2 throw knives and do flips and stuff. he could sneak through a moonless night as quiet as a snake who slithered and shit. anyway, one day he was drinking vodka with strelnikov on the proch. his was watered down to like 40%. he said "father i want to go to school."
strelnikov was silent for al ong time and then he said


So yoric went to school.

Part 2:

yoric was stunned the first day he saw carlyse actus. That straw blond flyaway hair. the softness of his sk1n. the way his eyes would defocus in class nd the teacxher would be like "carlysle!" and he would be like "what?"

he was beautiful and yoric loved him at first site. he did everything he could to get close 2 kaktus carlylsley actus and aeventually they were in the same art club. it was pretty cool and carlilly achtung was an awesome at painting and stuff. hs art came alive like an scp magic thing.

months later and he was fast friends with carry anderwood but he couldn't bnring himself to explain his feelins to the won he loved. they were cleaning up the art room after schoool was over nd they had just put the last canvise away. Carly Ambrose turned to him and said "yoric lelroy i have something i wnat to 2 tell u"

"wat" sed yoric.

"i love you" said chimicanga alfonso.

yorics heart grew tghree sizes larger. then chibodino ambibly strepped cloiser. "how do you feel about me yoric strelnkibo elroy dawkins?; nd yoric paused. he bit his lip, eyes shining brightly in the afternoon sun. locusts played softly outside like a chorus or smthing.

yoric pauised nd looked away and then he looked back at candy axew nd he said "I love you 2. i have always since i saw u a month ago nd i will love uy forever."

":oh yoric" said Chumbawumba Acting and then he threw his arms around yorics brawny shoulders nd kissed him. it tasted like cactus. yoric kisseed him back and their tonges intwined. Christmas Achewood mooned softly into his mouth. "ive been waiting for this for so long he said."

His hand slowly moved towards yoric elroyu strelnikov dokins light rights the third's belt buckle. he began to unblick it slowly while kissin him on the mouth really sexy. yoric started to blush nd said "r you sur you want 2 do this ChichinItza Altitude?" and Caramel Ambivilant said "Yes. Ive wanted to do this for so long."

but then yoric richard elegent vampire the excellent fifteenth said "wait i have somethin else 2 tell u."

"wat" said Chipmunk Alfredo

"im a snake" said yoric dawnkins strelnikov rights lighjt richard elengent the third fiftheenth

and hje was. then he bit Chilly Argentina in the arm and slithered away and Crabpot Alucard got poisoned and died. cause he was a stealre and he did a bad thing, the end.

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