Capture Hi(s Heart)m

You are Ridar Montemayor, an awesome Foundation agent. You have been tasked with uncovering the location of and capturing POI-44008, former Foundation employee Dr. Epon Scarlett.

It took hours of online searching (for a Webcrawler, not you. That’s not your job) to find if the guy had an online presence. Lucky for you, he’s decently active in online dating communities.

Jackpot. Being the catch that you are, you decide that the best way to capture him would be to seduce him, of course.

The issue here is that he's no normal rogue employee, he's a class-whatever reality bender whose abilities aren't well understood.

He may pose a serious threat, but you can handle him, right?

You had to travel to meet up with him. Makes sense that he took residency in the United Kingdom. Who would’ve expected a man on the run from a Foundation site in France to be so close?

This was the location you two agreed upon over A quaint little park. You never went to the park. Nature isn’t really your thing. This guy's pretty bold. He had no issues meeting in public. He doesn't seem very cautious, considering that he's on the run from his equivalent of the police.

The plan was simple. You get him to agree to take you back to his place. The tracker on your person alerts the agents in Site-450 over in Manchester. Yeah, you two are meeting in Manchester, but who knows where he’s actually staying?

You see a man in the distance, making his way towards you. Within a minute, Foundation fugitive, Epon Scarlet, is a mere meter away.


Hi! It’s so nice to meet you.

Hey. It's nice to meet you too.


I hope you don't mind I chose a park. When I was little, I’d go to a park with my mom that was just a few minutes away from my house. This park reminds me of that one.

Personal details aren't what you're here for.

How sweet.



You two stare at each other. You should break the silence.

I know we were planning to just sit and talk, but how about we go for some dessert? My treat!


Oh, no thanks! Say, we should take a walk! It'd be a shame not to take a look around, hm?

Agree with Epon

Push on dessert

This game/tale was made for RomCon. Thank you to basirskipreaderbasirskipreader for letting me use Ridar! See their take on the interaction here (not posted yet)!

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