Captain Kirby's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 is to be confined to a specially modified containment facility that is to appear similar to other Foundation Sites. The main differences between this facility and existing Sites are that it is to be outfitted with living arrangements for the entire Overseer Council. This is to disguise the nature of SCP-001's containment. Additionally, all rooms1 in the facility are to be equipped with security cameras. It is also to be equipped with three failsafe nuclear warheads which shall be detonated should SCP-001 breach containment. This site is to be named Site-01.

One member of the O5 Council is to partake in a regimen involving mnestic drugs. The individual undergoing the regimen (henceforth referred to as the Archivist) is to maintain a journal of all information gathered about SCP-001, as well as any events of note involving SCP-001. At the end of an individual's tenure as Archivist, they are to convene a special O5 meeting to assess the state of SCP-001's containment and update this file. Tenures will last at most four months at a time, however, an Archivist may resign sooner should the mnestic regimen's side-effects grow too intense.

As of this writing, the only O5 members with proper tolerance to mnestic drugs to take on the role of the Archivist are O5-1, O5-8 and O5-12.

No member of the O5 Council (including SCP-001) is permitted to leave Site-01 without an approved accompaniment from MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). Access to this document is to be restricted to non-anomalous members of the O5 Council and safeguarded with a memetic kill agent.

Description: SCP-001 is the entity known as O5-13. The exact nature of SCP-001 is not yet known. How SCP-001 came to be in the position of O5-13 is still under investigation. Due to the current lack of understanding of SCP-001, it has been deemed necessary to keep SCP-001 unaware of its containment.

SCP-001 is known to take on the appearance of a 1.9m tall male human of Latin American descent. Whether or not this is SCP-001's true form or a disguise is still under investigation.

SCP-001 was classified as anomalous following the Caesar Incident. While details of the Caesar Incident are under investigation by the O5 Council, the following events are understood to be the result of the Caesar Incident:

  • The death of all previous O5 Council members, except for O5-13.
  • The destruction of the previous Site-01.
  • The loss of all documentation regarding SCP-001 prior to the Caesar Incident, had such documentation existed.

It is also understood that SCP-001 caused the Caesar Incident through manifestation of its anomalous properties. Due to the lack of information about the Caesar event, it is currently believed that one of these properties is antimemetic in nature, although this has not yet been confirmed.

As of this writing, the investigation of SCP-001 has been delegated as follows:

Assigned Members Task
O5-1, O5-8, O5-12 Amalgamation of investigation results
O5-4, O5-7, O5-10 Identification of SCP-001's origin
O5-2, O5-6, O5-9 Investigation of the Caesar Incident
O5-3, O5-5, O5-11 Identification of SCP-001's anomalous properties

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