Canon Renaissance Contest


Congratulations to our winners, Nobody's Winning, who secured a final score of 377 upvotes across their top five entries!

And to our runners-up, Mikasa Junior and the bronze medalists Resurrecting Resurrection!

And thank you to everyone that contributed to or participated in this contest - you made this possible.

In the vast landscape of the SCP wiki, the canons loom large. They are worlds unto themselves, possible versions of the lore that exist as sandboxes for writers to play in. But while some canons bustle with life in the now, the vast majority are ghost towns - sketches of a world, "what if" questions that beg for development and for answer.

Universes that, long ago, were opened. Universes that have yet to be explored to their fullest potential.

By working with the lore of these small or sleepy canons, you can help bring our orphaned worlds to the light of the modern day. Whether you feel like continuing their existing narratives or creating a vivid expansion or reinterpretation from their basic world and principles, your options are endless.

It's time to return to these uncharted territories. Let's see what you can build.

The Contest

You and your team will create an original multi-part story that takes place in or is a part of a currently inactive, unmaintained, or sporadically active canon on the site.

All told, your team must produce at least four documents, but the exact composition and arrangement of those documents is entirely up to you. You can write all tales, or write 1 article and 3 GoI formats, and so forth - you have full flexibility here.

You can feel free to extend and invent new ideas within the reasonable bounds set out by the canon - basically, you're coloring in the lines, giving them the scale and the depth that they deserve. This is designed to take inactive canons and make them more appealing and more worth contributing to in the long term; showcase what you can do with them to improve their potential and explore something innovative and new in their world.

The important thing is that you're writing as a team - producing a larger story and writing for that canon with your team's work.

Your Team

Your team should consist of three to four people. You'll work together on the collection. Everyone must contribute significantly to the final product. It is expected that each team member will write at least one work.

It's always a good idea to have four people, just in case someone has something happen and can't write. Once the postings have been opened, you will not be allowed to add team members! Choose wisely.

Once you have your team members, select the canon you want from the list below. Yes, multiple teams are allowed to use the same canon - no need to fear you'll miss out cause you didn't come first! Afterwards, decide on a cool team name and edit this page. At the bottom, you'll find a simple form which you can use to include your new team on the page; this form also includes an extra line for you to put down what canon you chose, which you should also fill once you have it.

Being Classy

There are multiple ways to approach this project. You can get together with some of your friends, write stuff, and have lots of fun doing it—regardless of winning or losing. Or, you can write, get angry at your friends for not performing the way you want them to. You can complain about them, the rules, the contest, the judges, and hate your life.

Try to be a bit more classy. This is supposed to be a fun opportunity to add more to the site rather than make yourself upset, frustrated, or angry. People have quit over contests. You're better than that.

The Rules

The basic rules of the contest are as follows:

  1. Your team must consist of three to four people, all of whom must be announced. You may only be on one team. Each team will have a captain, but the individual members are responsible for posting their own work. Please pick someone who is actually around to be Captain, as all communication and questions about the contest should go through them to the organizers. Any other responsibilities the team chooses to invest in the captain should be discussed among the members of the team.
  2. You must choose a canon only from the list provided to you above. You are not allowed to pick canons that are not on this list. You have the discretion to change your choice all the way up to until your first work is posted - after that, you have to stick with what you've got.
  3. All of your pieces should be totally and unambiguously part of the canon you chose. Your works should follow the existing basic guidelines for the world and for writing that are set down in the hub page for your canon. While reimagination is part of the contest, keep in mind you're faithfully building on top of what already exists. Contest organizers reserve the right to disqualify entries and teams that are deemed to no longer fit the chosen canon.
  4. Your team's body of work must fit together as a narratively cohesive and interconnected story in some way; dovetailing your pieces is encouraged. When put all together, your team's body of work should be able to stand on its own.
  5. Ideally, your works should push the boundaries of the canon you've signed up for — it should expand the world, flesh it out, and bring new possibilities to the table. Think about what you can add to really turn these worlds alive.
  6. A minimum of 4 articles must be written for the contest; there is no maximum number, but only the five highest-rated articles will count towards point total.
  7. You may NOT use drafts that existed before the contest went up. All entries must have been created after the contest page went up1. Any entries found to violate this rule will be subject to Rule 11.
  8. Teams may create hub pages for their work. However, hub pages will not count for scoring nor for the minimum article requirements. Furthermore, they cannot be put up until your team has posted the minimum required number of articles for a series hub page (three).
  9. You may not delete or edit an article once posted, regardless of performance. Articles that dip to the deletion mark will be subject to normal deletion practices, but they will not be removed until after the contest has ended. This should encourage everyone to work hard with their teams to have a superior product. What's posted is posted. Small corrections are fine, but significant edits are not.
    • Small corrections are defined as: fixing minor sentence wording, correcting grammar usage, changing spacing, etc. Large, substantive changes are not allowed until the contest has passed.
  10. Each entry must be posted by its primary author. Collaborative entries between teammates are encouraged but each author must contribute at least one (1) entry which was mainly written by them. If you rewrote someone’s work entirely, it's not really theirs anymore, and it wouldn't be fair for them to post something you spent four hours revising when they only invested ten minutes writing it. This does mean that one or two people will be writing more than one entry.
  11. Any contestant who takes unusual and/or negative actions to increase their vote total, or decrease that of their competitors, will be disqualified for the involved contest and potentially banned from further contests (and possibly further disciplinary action).
    • Examples of shenanigans include, but are in no way limited to:
      • Downvoting all of your competitors' work within minutes of them being posted
      • Spamming people with PMs about your work
      • Spurring Malicious Upvoting/Downvoting, whether on your work or anyone else's
    • If you're not sure if something counts as shenanigans, then it probably does, but feel free to ask a Community Outreach Member.

Dates To Remember

All times are in EST!

  • August 27: Brainstorming period begins! Get together a team and a canon and start writing! Teams may be formed and dissolved freely during this period.
  • September 17, 12:01 AM: Posting and voting period begins! No more teams may be formed from this point on.
  • October 15, 12:01 AM: Posting period ends and voting period continues.
  • October 29, 12:01 AM: Voting period ends! Winners will be announced shortly after.

After posting your entries, tag them "canon2020" and link them to your team's hub at the bottom of this page. Winners will be decided by the total points across the team's five highest-rated entries. The winners will have their work featured on the frontpage and possibly other prizes. Runner-ups (2nd & 3rd place) will be rewarded by having an article of theirs (their choice) featured on the front page.


These teams have complete contest entries and were eligible to win:

Team Name: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse

Team Members: CerastesCerastes (captain), Deadly BreadDeadly Bread, LuxaikoLuxaiko, WerylliumWeryllium
Canon: Competitive Eschatology


Team Name: Well Versed 🔔

Team Members: LamentteLamentte, Dr MonedDr Moned, EthagonEthagon, Marcelles_Raynes does not match any existing user name
Canon: Bellerverse


Team Name: .AIC (Artificially Idiotic Creators)

Team Members: Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD (Captain), TyumenTyumen, Its a Bad IdeaIts a Bad Idea, PedagonPedagon
Canon: AIAD


Anciliaries (do not count for scoring):

Note: the AIAD Homescreen has been revamped by Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD and EstrellaYoshteEstrellaYoshte!

Team Name: The Brave Mujahideen Zombies of Afghanistan

Team Members: A Random DayA Random Day (captain), minminminmin, TaffetaTaffeta
Canon: The Coldest War


Team Name: The World Has Progressed Past The Need For Other Games In Town

Team Members: weizhongweizhong (captain), RiemannRiemann, Gaffsey does not match any existing user name
Canon: Only Game in Town


These teams have incomplete contest entries and so are ineligible to win, but they worked hard on this stuff and they deserve some eyeballs on their work:

Team Name: Try Turning It off and Back on Again

Team Members: DrGoodayDrGooday (Captain), GraveCreationsGraveCreations, ErismaErisma, Veralta does not match any existing user name
Canon: AIAD


  • SCP-5860: To Raise a Hero of the Pen by Veralta does not match any existing user name
  • Printer's Misdirection by Veralta does not match any existing user name

Team Name: Midnight in America

Team Members: Amelia WrightAmelia Wright (Captain), VoidLady does not match any existing user name, pr0m37h3umpr0m37h3um, Farcical does not match any existing user name
Canon: The Coldest War


Team Name: Minutes to Midnight

Team Members: Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini, YossipossiYossipossi, JackalRelatedJackalRelated, AethrisAethris
Canon: The Coldest War


Team Name: We Are Going To Beat You To Death

Team Members: PeppersGhostPeppersGhost, TanhonyTanhony, AyersAyers
Canon: Aces and Eights


Team Name: Geese were a mistake

Team Members: RallistonRalliston (captain), TheRiceandCakeTheRiceandCake, Peace0nStixPeace0nStix, Jakob17Jakob17
Canon: lolFoundation


Additional Stuff: (does not count for scoring)

These teams did not submit any entries before the posting deadline, but there some really amusing and/or intriguing names and ideas here, so we'll keep them around under this handy collapsible.'

This contest is being run by ModulumModulum and ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor. The rules were primarily written by ModulumModulum, and revised slightly by ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor. Timers made by DrMagnusDrMagnus and team hub format modified by djkaktusdjkaktus.

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