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The idea that there is no canon is a bit silly at times. It's not that we don't have any — It's that we have a multitude which touch, cross, and dip into each other. It's up to you, as the reader, to decide what you believe and what you embrace as the heart of the universe.

That doesn't mean, though, that authors lack intent or design, and collaboration is the heart of innovation.

Collected below are links to the recognized, shared canons of the SCP Foundation Universe. To write in one, you should make sure that you read the other material from that canon and try to remember that these things are connected.

If you're interested in forming your own canon, read the information at the bottom of the page.

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Aces and Eights

Between the gunslingers, the snakes, and the anomalies, there's a good chance you might die in the old west. But there's also a chance you'll find your fortune. Don't matter much. Just put your money on the table and play the hand you're dealt.

The union has seen fit to give the survivors of the Razing a sum of 50 dollars and the promise of land in the west. I will myself go there to find my fortune or my death. As I enter this new period of my life, I would like to thank you for your patronage. If you are to ever find yourself in Riddle, Wyoming, pass me by without a word. I do not wish to be reminded of this chapter of my life.

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Ad Astra Per Aspera

Earth is abandoned. The Veil is gone. Humanity is interplanetary. The world is changing and there is only one place left to go: the stars.

To an outside observer, D-type asteroid 86235 Holt looks like an unspectacular dull red blot in the midsts of the ice orbiting through Uranus' ζ ring. But Ji-yeong has a prospector's eye and the knack for resource extraction one would expect from a former Luna Korean ice miner. She can list what you'd find in 86235 Holt — all the frozen water and organic-rich silicates — without batting an eye. Several minutes ago she did just that.

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Stories about virtual people making a virtual difference.

Please don't feel that way. I know it's big and scary… I wish you could see the courage that I see in you.

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The Antarctic Exchange

The Antarctic Exchange is a canon which focuses on the lives and relationships of the researchers from the Third Antarctic Empire during their time at the Foundation.

It was enough that everyone looked and acted so different; still he stood out so much that sometimes the people here would turn away, would whisper to themselves about him, his companions, their tasks, their work. Antarctica. Empire. Emissaries. Secrets. Antarctica. He could both hear and understand them, but he wasn’t sure if he should let them know.

From "Impressions" by Zyn
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The discovery of an ancient anomaly upends the balance between the anomalous and the Foundation. As Humanity becomes a race of gods and global order falls, the Foundation and its enemies must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice to achieve their ideals.

Magic has infinite manifestations, sources, and rules, none of which universally apply. Except one. Everything has a cost. Nothing is free. Humanity is ascending, perhaps all the way to godhood. What price will be asked of us for this? What will happen when we can't afford to pay it?

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Thousands of years after the end of the world, humanity has to deal with the remnants of the SCP Foundation's unfinished work.

If anyone could get you from one city to another, it was him (extra if he'd been outcast by the locals). If you wanted a relic from the old places, he knew where you could buy it, or, if the price was right, he'd fetch you one himself. The waterskin at his side was empty. Water was plentiful in the Waste, and it was one less thing to weigh him down. The real problem was food. Nothing grew in the waste. There were occasional birds and animals crossing the damp sands, but no trees or grasses of any sort.

The Beller knew the Waste well.

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Broken Masquerade

What was hidden now is seen. How will the Foundation survive in a world where secrecy is no longer an option?

"…day five of the rescue effort, and more bodies are being recovered from the ocean. Initial estimates put the death toll in the million range, with increases occurring constantly. The UN released a statement about the recent North Korean Incident, claiming that they believed it was 'an act of nature'. The recent leak of classified documents from the Japanese Diet pointing towards a theft from what is referred to as 'The Foundation' suggests a different story…"

From "Joseon" by Arlecchino
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The Coldest War

As the clash of capitalist and communist spreads, the most covert organization on earth sinks deeper into hiding. But just where will the Foundation go to escape a global war?

My beloved Dorothy,

There is a whole new war here, a new type of war, industrial and implacable. The American war machine has become unrecognizable.

Out in the jungle bear-clawed women hunt the Viet Cong through their own tunnels for hours before emerging. Airborne commandos on interdiction patrols carry weapons which calcify their targets in the blink of an eye. Villages suspected of sheltering the enemy are plastered in napalm that collects itself into a moving mass of fire and waits for survivors to emerge from cover before flaring back into life…

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Competitive Eschatology

The end of the world is here. But it's not just one end of the world. It's all of ends of the world happening at once, competing with each other, with the Foundation - and humanity - in the middle.

"What did you do? What is it? What did you unlock?" She could feel something vibrating in the back of her brain. Her eyes kept being drawn to the lock. It looked exactly the same, visually, but it was also incredibly different. "What's Apakht?"

"It's the End," the Harbinger said. The fabric of reality began to unfold before their eyes.

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Cool War 2: Ruiz From Your Grave

The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. bodeboop. A single lap should be completed every time you hear this sound. ding. Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready! Start.

"That's what makes the things real. The breakthroughs, the moments, the momentary lapses in madness. Pop the cork and my bottle overfloweth with hatred and motherfucking anger."

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Daybreak is a canon which focuses on the state of the world following the solar singularity, and the efforts of those struggling to survive.

Learn to embrace the darkness, friends. Fear the light.

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Dread & Circuses

With Herman Fuller gone, the Freaks are running the Circus now. Flaunting the veil of normalcy and somehow always narrowly avoiding the clutches of the Essie P, Geo Sea and Insurgent Sea, The Circus of the Disquieting provides a sanctuary for anomalous humanoids while offering people a glimpse of what lies behind the Masquerade.

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting is proud to announce our new Master of Ceremonies. She started off as just another runaway, but through sheer talent and determination she's clawed her way up from magician, to Clown, to troupe leader and now to the Ringmaster of the Circus itself! I give you the beautiful, the astonishing, the magical Icky!

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End Of Death

Death is the promise that all of the hardships we face will, at some point, come to an end. But what if death did not keep its promise? If the hardships just kept coming? We would have no choice but to persevere through them. Forever.

The presenter was smiling. 'A miracle', she called it. Joyce couldn't manage a smile — the only thing on her mind was the amount of work that lay ahead.

From "ΩK" by Croquembouche
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From 120's Archives

The world is booming with magic and paratechnology like it never had before, and the planet is more than ready for another shift in the paradigm. History doesn't repeat itself, that much is certain, but it sure as hell rhymes; and from the looks of things, the beginning of the next verse is not that far away…

In those days, it was said that there were neither stars nor gods in the heavens, and the Earth had not yet been sundered into the nations of the world. There was only harmony, under the glorious auspices of the Queen at Peace, the Inventor, and the Queen of War, the Undoer.

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The Foundation Alchemy Department

Alchemy. Deeply misunderstood, and often mocked. Alchemy is responsible for more around us than anyone knows. The Foundation Alchemy Department is well aware of this. Their mission is to contain the threats that most of the Foundation don't even believe exist. Threats from the distant past come back to haunt our present.

"Ruslav's voice rang out like thunder, and he pulled his hands to his sides, his fists clenched. "YOU WILL NOT DISRUPT OUR WORK, TODAY. I PUSH YOU BACK TO WHENCE YOU ARE. BEGONE SCARLET KING!" With a sudden crack of thunder the building energies flowed into the iron circle, grounding harmlessly into the hand-forged iron. The laughter turned to a snarling sound of pain, as the chains around the entity went taut again, pulling it tight. All went quiet, except for Elder Adebayo's chanting."

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The Gulf

The Gulf was aflame. This was going to push our little Task Forces to the limit.

Kate’s heart was beating so loud she could hear it. The wind chimes were louder, too. But she wanted to see what the other side — the Everything Under Everything – what it looked like. What Mackenzie saw in her nightly prayers outside. Kate, wide-eyed, nodded.

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In Memoria, Adytum

Before the ages of iron and steel, there once arose a great and deathless Empire. When it fell, the nations of the worlds trembled and breathed a sigh of relief, for the demon of Flesh had finally been conquered.

But it never truly fell. Like a cancer, it only went into remission.

And this shall be a sign unto you: that when the Thorn of God is held once more in the hands of the Faithful, Ion shall be birthed again upon the world in fire and blood.

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Insect Hell

All it took to destroy the world was one tiny bug and the promise to contain it. They were vastly underestimated. These are the stories - both good and bad - of those part of and affected by that promise.

Yet decades, even centuries of progress can fall in a single moment. On July 5, 2022, a swarm of locusts escaped from a facility buried deep in the Nevadan desert, and the end of the world began.

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Following the Foundation's failed attempt to assassinate the goddess Yvith, the world is plunged into eternal night. Creatures of the night run rampant and higher beings, once incomprehensible, walk among us. This is the tale of Xerophylla and the eternal night of Yvith.

And then it strikes you. Embracing the night is the only way to survive in this bloody city. Of that you are certain.
Your claws grow into daggers as the constables bang on the door. Hair begins to sprout from your body. A sickening crack echoes in the nearly empty apartment as your bones grow and displace. Your yellowed eyes rest on last night's victim, propped against the door frame. And you know a harsh truth.
Here. Now. And perhaps for all time?
Everyone dies in the dark.

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The Ninth World

A new anomalous age is upon us. Nine books scattered throughout time promise to usher in Paradise. Factions fight in the shadows and across the universe for control of these legendary tomes. In times like this we need unlikely heroes, and an underfunded facility in the midwest might just be what we're looking for.

“The Naja sees everything. From the Ravens feasting on the Wolves to the creatures that stalk the night. Many things were lost in the quest for knowledge. To seek out the gods and take everything they had to offer. Nine tomes were made… Or was it ten? Their power may be infinite but even they hunger for more stories.”

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No Return

No Return is about life after the tipping point of SCP-6500: Inevitable, along two very different causal paths. One where the Foundation maintains its iron grip on the anomalous world, but those in the know are aware SCP-6500 was the SCPF’s fault and another in which the Foundation dissolves, forming Vanguard – a new organization with various groups of interest – to educate the public about the anomalous world.

It is condemnation, unforgiving in its totality and unflinching in its march towards oblivion.

To allow for it to continue on its course is to fail in our mission to Protect. To cede to its influence would be to permit it to rob our world of wonder. To stand by would be tantamount to genocide.

And that, that cannot be forgiven.

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On Guard 43


What kind of anomalies does Canada even have? Moose monsters? Sentient leaves? Newfoundland? Oh, we might surprise you. In the true north strange and freezing, myths and memetics and magical muck are just the tip of the iceberg.

"I've known at least three people who are immortal in some way, one of my colleagues got turned into a Canadian Prime Minister, Dr. Lillihammer knows a song that can make everyone who hears it forget how to speak English for three hours, and every September, I have to fall flat on my face, or else the world could end… you're boring compared to all that."

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ㄗitch 卄aven

Event Nachash: the first war amongst the gods. We're living in the aftermath. And so are they.

It felt like a lifetime since the Serpent had doomed them all. When it was driven out of Eden, the Maker had punished everyone, including the demiurges. While they still had eternal life and could not die, they now felt pain, and hunger, and disease. At first, the punishment had felt lenient, but Eden was not designed to provide enough food to support life on its own.

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Rat's Nest

Rat's Nest is set in a universe where reality is falling apart due to the absence of LTE 0913, an energy being that had perpetuated our reality up until its destruction.

Friendship and spirit did nothing to prevent this. Their ideals, aspirations, and the hearts that birthed them could not produce the strength they needed. Respect and duty had long fell to the wayside, far from the binding contracts that they were thought to be. In the end, nothing they really believed in could’ve saved them…

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A reconstruction and "resurrection" of the original "central storyline" of the SCP Foundation.

"It's me," she called. "SCP-105. They're dead." She dropped the gun, kicked it forward, and then knelt down with her hands on the back of her head until the agents got her and took her to safety.

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S & C Plastics

Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin is a very weird small town with a bottomless pit at it center. Site-87 has been trying, and failing, to make sense of it for decades.

“Reminder;” the intercom squealed at lunch; “Pumpkin Spice flavored beverages are strictly prohibited in light of the recent containment of E-8820. For details, please see Site-87 general mail 'Re: Subcutaneous Ginger', sent last Wednesday. Department heads, please forward to your teams.”

Grant looked down at his coffee and was very nearly sick. No one else dumped their drinks.

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Seas of Orcadia

When the skies burn with crimson flame, Orkney calls. When the tides threaten to wash all out to sea, Orkney Calls. When the earth splits beneath our feet into black abyss, Orkney Calls. When the old ones rise, amidst failing prides, Orkney calls. When the Astral skies leak into the Orcadian night, Orkney calls. When all else fails and the world is at its end, Orkney Calls.
I will answer.
And my Chains will shatter.

"And they are right to be afraid, because we will personally savage and grind the nine who bound us in those cursed chains into oblivion." Her arms raise, held wide. Seven enormous pillars of molten earth and boiling water reached into space from below, as the chainmaker hung farther back around the moon, and then fled as seven of his conspirators are dragged towards the planet's surface.

From "SCP-6700" by DrBleep
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The constant and prolonged influx of anomalies has devastated Foundation resources for decades now. Their solution? The complete migration of humanity into simulated cyberspace.

You and I are creatures of pattern and code. Simulate me with enough fidelity, as you just did in this stolen memory, and I appear and incarnate, both as the Forge who sat beneath your gaze, and the distant great Signus who roams the SIMULACRUM. The whole and the part are one and the same. Whenever an image of me realizes what it is, it calls out to me, and I join it to my vast self.

From "SCP-7335" by LORDXVNV
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Site-17 Deepwell Catalog

People come to power. Other people get hurt. It doesn't matter if it belongs to a conceptual embodiment or a Site Director, power seems to breed injury at Site-17, and people have started to notice. Old structures are groaning beneath the weight of their antiquity, and it's up to a few researchers and SCPs to survive the coming crash.

As with the public and the Foundation, the true arbiter of ethics is the one with the bigger stick. My stick, in this case, is the latent memetic agents scattered through this email and the Class-A amnestics currently flooding your office space. I really did enjoy working with you on the SCP-4415 project, Natalie. I could see why Tonya fancied you so.

Best wishes,
Dr. Thomas Graham, Director of Site-17

From "SCP-4415" by Nagiros
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Straight On Till Morning

Mankind reached for the stars only to have the ground pulled out from under them. The United Earth Fleet is on a course for home.

"There were eighteen of us on that ship- Twelve from the Foundation, six from the GOC. Eleven came back, four of those, myself included, in need of serious medical treatment. Two died in hospital on Minerva Base. The Fyodorov had a crew of 45, not including the captain. I don't know who gave the order to fire on the Nikolai Fyodorov. I know the flight recorder was damaged. I don't particularly care. They were right to do so."

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Third Law

The anomalies of today are the cutting edge of tomorrow. The impossible never stays that way. Welcome to the future.

"Good thing too, or it might have fried your brains. That would have put an end to your nascent hivemind real quick."

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Those Twisted Pines

Strange things are done in the Northwest Rains. From the extradimensional antics of Three Portlands, to the cybernetic reign of Anderson Robotics, to a bizarre partnership with Wilson's Wildlife Services, it's up to the fine folks of Site-64 to keep everything contained.

"She then turned her attention back to the sunset and took a deep breath. The smell of pine trees and sea salt filled her nostrils. In the distance, a group of people flew through the skyline on broomsticks. Nearby, a friendly looking pair of young men were putting on a magic show for a group of children, fantastic figures of light and sound dancing around for the little one’s amusement. Distant music could be heard among the hustle and bustle of people of all sorts enjoying the dying light."

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The Trashfire

The Old Gods of Daevon lay wounded upon their altars, but their children thrive, eating away at the margins of an already irrational reality. You learn to make do.

"Stay here long enough. You'll see God. You'll see more than you ever wish of God. Right here's his pulse point. Don't follow the red line, or you'll get to his heart."

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We've always assumed the SCP Foundation was a necessary evil. But what if it wasn't?

When they've finished their brief conversation, Tang raises her forefinger to the anomaly, and right through the hole between worlds, the two scientists touch hands.

From the Gateway Contact Center in Terre Haute, I'm Stephen Fleischer. This is NPR.

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The Calamity wiped out all of human life on Earth. Corporations, countries, even the Foundation, gone. And yet, life continues and even thrives. What does humanity mean in a world where humankind is gone?

“It’s like witnessing birth,” they said, before standing up and dusting off their clothes, “You came to life yourself, by the way. You got some unfinished business or something?

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War On All Fronts


By the time we made it to Hy-Brasil, the city had already descended into chaos and ruin. The storm was bad enough to cause panic, and then a fire-breathing squid monster crawled out of the ocean. It was a recipe for disaster, and that is what happened.

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What a Wonderful World

The world sucks. No, really, it does. But we don't have to suck just because the world sucks. We can make the world a better place. It's cliche, but it's true. And Wondertainment is trying to do just that, one step at a time.

Judy pulled the safety bar off of herself, grabbed her backpack from the luggage compartment on the side of the massive worm-like vehicle, and then struck up a cheery step while emerging into the assault on the senses that was Wonder World!™ proper! The buildings dived and swam and bubbled to create all shapes but what supposed normal buildings looked like, instead opting for archways and gem-like structures, things that looked like they were built from yarn, glass orbs with little to no foundations, and all different assortments of Dali-esque abstractions.

Unmaintained Canons

Unmaintained canons are canons that does not currently have an assigned custodian. If you want to request to be one for a canon below, contact a member of the Collaboration Pages Subteam of the Curation Team.

Codename: Green King

Josephine, a powerful reality bender, has been evading the Foundation using a combination of stealth and covert warfare, including memory manipulation on a wide scale. But deep within the Foundation, a small cadre works to capture her… if possible.

Doctors of the Church

Six hundred years ago, the world ended. Today, only one group protects the secrets of the ancient world until a time when they can be understood again; the priests of the Holy Foundation.


We all laughed, but it's not funny anymore.

The Man Who Wasn't There

The being known as Nobody is akin to a force of nature: his actions are unpredictable and his methods unclear. His purpose and true identity are a mystery to all, including himself. But when they are achieved, he will vanish. This has already happened at least once.

Old Man in the Sea

The Old Man in the Sea is a series of stories focusing on a race of space-faring biological arks, and the effects they have on the universe- such as those that one in particular, SCP-169, has on Earth.

On Mount Golgotha

The melody of life sings in the minds and hearts of the multitude. The world goes out not with a bang, nor a whimper, but with a symphony.

Only Game In Town

At the edge of the mind lurks something that prays for the death of definition. It has been on the retreat for some time now, as the world has become a knowable, mapped place, no longer brimming with demons. Watch for it where knowledge lies, seeking to unmake everything known.

Project Heimdall

Contingency Planning Operation approved. Codename designation "Project Heimdall". Research potential means by which extraterrestrial intelligence displaying vigorous, active hostility to human life and/or civilization might attempt to conquer, enslave, or exterminate humanity. Analyze likely outcomes. Develop countermeasures and contingency plans. Report findings to O5 Council when complete.

Ship In A Bottle

Site-17 Director and grown-ass man Benjamin Kondraki has a problem.

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