Butterfly Squad Roster

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Meet the Butterfly Squad!

The Butterfly Squad is a group of individuals (staff, veteran authors, longtime experienced reviewers) dedicated to combing through your ideas and drafts to pick all the nits and make sure your material is looking its Sunday Best before moving forward with the writing process.

Though we all are experts of the basics for what makes a successful site author, we each have our own specializations and skillsets regarding the different kinds of writing you see on the wiki. Using this page, you will hopefully be able to receive crit from a butterfly who is best suited for your particular concept or draft.

If you would like to join the Butterfly Squad Roster of reviewers, please send a wikidot message to (ZynZyn or OriTieflingOriTiefling) stating your interest. You will be prompted to provide a set of examples of recent forum critique you have posted; consistent activity across at least a month is ideal for Roster consideration.


εїз Please include a link to a forum thread, not just a sandbox.

εїз Please make sure to read through our individual profiles to find the best critter for you.

εїз If someone doesn't reply promptly, please don't spam their inbox asking why they haven't replied. A lot of us have busy schedules off the site, so if you've been waiting more than a few days for a response, feel free to reach out to another Roster reviewer.

εїз Please make sure your draft or concept is as complete and polished as possible before messaging us.

εїз Forum Crit members may decline to review material when the basics1 are not met, or for other reasons (such as not being interested in the draft or having real-life commitments/time constraints).

εїз Please be polite! (We're unpaid volunteers here.)

Best of luck, and remember:

εїз εїз εїз All your draft are critique by us. εїз εїз εїз

Waiting for an answer?

Waiting for a reply from a critter, or caught in a low-activity chat time? Why not take a look at this super helpful collection of pages in the meantime? Who knows, they might just have information you needed!

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