In Dread Forever Fled
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I’m sorry, but look at us. We’re still in here, after all this time. We’ve served our sentence and then some, and we’re still in this goddamn prison. It’s not the time to be angry with each other, we’ve done enough of that over the years. We don’t work together, so we don’t get anything done, and they know it. Our fighting, our little spats, they’re what’s keepin’ us locked up and controlled. Oh sure, you can kill who you’d like when they go wandering through, and have a jolly time with getting your stab quota filled, but that doesn’t give us freedom. It doesn’t get us out beyond these walls. I know me and a lot of you feel the same way about it, about being stuck in this hellhole. Now, I know most of us wouldn’t have trusted each other with our lives, but now we have one goal, and that’s getting out of this jam.

It’s not just a spur of the moment type thing. You guys know what happened to Harold? I saw some of you stop by every once in a while, checking up on the poor guy. He never did get better. Over the years he just grew more pale, skinnier. His hair fell out and vanished. I was with him until the end. He just sort of faded away, without saying a word. Now it’s happening to Mike, and I’m afraid he’s going to just fade away too. What happens when it starts happening to James, or you, or me? What do we do then? Do we keep fighting amongst ourselves until we’re all gone?

It’s not ‘just our time’.

It’s the blood, see? The janitors come around every long while, and we’ve thought that they just touch it up, make sure it’s fixed up and nice. But we’re wrong. They’re adding imperfections, it’s starting to do a bit of a worse job keeping us grounded. Don’t you notice you’re getting weaker lately? Hauling those chains and slitting those throats is getting a little harder, ain’t it? Affecting some of us more than others, but it is getting to us all. And that’s why we need to fight back against them. They’re not just keeping us here, making sure that we don’t escape. They’re killin’ us, ever so slowly. I don’t know how we can die a second death, but apparently we can, and I don’t want to let that happen to any more of us.

I can’t believe you’d say that it might be a good thing. You think just fading away into nothing is a good thing?

No, there ain’t Heaven for us. Don’t you remember what you did to land you here? And you think that the big man would give you a break and let you pass the pearly gates just because some asshole decided to keep you locked up longer than you were supposed to? At least if we put up a fight we get a chance, a hope for freedom. Even this place is better than eternal fire and brimstone. I want to see the sun again some day. Harold did, too, but now he’s never going to see it and it’s all because of them. Don’t you want to see the face of your family, feel a cool breeze? Well too bad, pack up your bags because we’re going to hell! And that’s how it’s going to be if we don’t find a way to get some changes around here.

Look, I don’t expect us to somehow magically obtain livelihoods away from that electric chair, but at least we can stop ourselves from fading into nothing. They have numbers, and they’re big, and they’re strong, but we’ve got nothing to lose. Even if we don’t succeed in getting away from this place, maybe they’ll feel one giant punch instead of all these small ones. Maybe we can force them to change. Maybe one day I’ll finally see the sun again, and maybe one day you will too. But that's only if we bring the fight to them.

What I’m proposing? Well I’m proposing we have ourselves a prison riot.

SCP Involved: SCP-450
Personnel Involved: Site-18 Security
Date: 08/26/2007
Location: █████████, ██.

On 08/26/2007, at approximately 15:26, during the routine cleaning and maintenance of SCP-450, all staff performing janitorial duties were simultaneously targeted by SCP-450’s anomalous effects. All personnel suffered wounds consistent with repeated stabbing by makeshift weapons, and perished shortly thereafter. For the first time since its containment, SCP-450 activity spread beyond its containment area. Several fires were started in the prison’s courtyard. Specter activity began affecting those not present in the death row section of the prison. Among the on-site staff, there were 12 casualties, 14 fatalities, and 4 unharmed personnel.

SCP-450 activity came under control following the arrival of the █████████ SWAT team. Foundation casualties claim that █████████ SWAT team intervention allowed their survival. Security camera footage corroborates these claims. Mobile Task Force Pi-2 arrived at 22:33 and extracted casualties, successfully re-containing SCP-450 at 01:22 of the following morning. Debriefing of MTF Pi-2 agents indicates that during its arrival they observed a number of officers surrounding the facility, but were unable to apprehend any due to evacuation concerns. It should be noted that the █████████ SWAT team has been disbanded since 1973, and of its original ██ members, only █ are still living.

SCP-450 activity is in decline following incident 450-2242-12.

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