Burnt Bridges
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“Alright Daniel,” said Agent Dimaccio as he slid a final form across his desk towards Daniel Navarro. “Sign here and your training will be complete. You’ll officially be classified as a Foundation specialist.”

“Let’s get it over with, then,” Navarro replied. “Got a pen?”

Dimaccio gave a small chuckle as he quickly slid the document back towards him.

“As much as I appreciate the enthusiasm, I don’t think you fully realize what your signature will mean. Daniel Navarro the anartist will officially be dead. Agent Navarro will take his place. That means that all of your former friends and colleagues will be POIs first, and friends second, if they can even still be considered friends at that point. Your signature here will burn a lot of bridges. Just… take a few seconds, at least, to consider if those are bridges you can afford to never cross again.”

“And what, waste all this time we spent training? Have my mind wiped so the Foundation can leave me in a gutter somewhere?” Navarro asked.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Dimaccio replied. “We wouldn’t do that to you, at least not now… Listen, my point is that this is the final checkpoint. The failsafe. God knows we train enough agents who don’t hit the brakes here when it would have been better for everyone if they did. Just take a second…”

Navarro nodded and thought back to all of his friends from Portland, Jill, Tom, Alexis, Jackson, Jericho, Eric, Tanya, Francis, and Elizabeth.

“Alright. That should do it.” Dimaccio said as he slid the document back across the desk.

Navarro quickly signed it without another moment’s hesitation.

“And that is that,” Dimaccio smiled. “Welcome aboard, Agent Navarro.”

Series Overview:

In mid 2004, known anartist Daniel Navarro was apprehended by Foundation personnel following a raid on his apartment in Portland, Oregon. In exchange for serving as a double agent for the Foundation, Navarro avoided being amnesticized and in 2005 was officially employed as a Foundation agent, serving as an anart specialist and liaison between various anart groups. However, someone with as many connections as Agent Navarro doesn't simply join the Foundation without stepping on more than a few toes, and past actions are very quick to haunt him…

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