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Forgive me for doubting you. Your recruitment of Agent Hopper has been a great boon to the Library and ourselves. And it's thanks in no small part to their unique talent, variable as it is.

Their continued findings in this unmasqued branch of The Tree have been very eye-opening. I've taken the liberty of compiling them in one of our extra-universal documentation indices, attached below.

—Archivist Haven

Relevant snippet of first post-Veil press release from The Walt Disney Company, 24 April 2013:

… Magic is not just what our parks and films try to capture. It's a fundamental part of the world we live in. That is why we at Disney wish to finally pull back the curtain and introduce the Veteran Elves of the Light. Our partnership with them has lasted since Walt himself began to formulate the plans for Disneyland…

Excerpt from a United States Consumer Product Safety Commission email sent to retailers, 25 April 2013:

All products made by or licensed from WONDERTAINMENT INCORPORATED are to be recalled from all stores, effective immediately, due to unacceptable consumer safety risks. Failure to comply may warrant a fine of up to $100,000 for each….

Transcript of advertisement run throughout the United States, starting from 23 February 2014:

VO: Attention. If you suspect you or a loved one have been amnesticized, you may apply for financial compensation. Amnestic administrations have been linked to decreased motor functions, recurring short-term memory problems, chronic insomnia, and increased risk of sensory loss. Don't delay. Call now at 1-800-555-AMNI to receive free consultation and pricing.

Full-page ad run on the New York Times, publication date 10 March 2014:

customers and readers of newyork times this is dado hello

dado is first of apologizing; dado is had to keep quiet while talking with efdeeay men about pharmaceutical ventures. dado is unfortunate to say that pills by dado are can not be sold anymore, even though dado is of good capitalist and offered to comply with regulations.

but dado is quitter? no. dado promise to help anyone who approach dado, with even freer shipping thanks because of new deal with mister bezos. also be of on lookout in supramarket near you; kell logs very receptive to dado pitch of serial.

Excerpt from the New York Times, June 23rd edition, 2015

"Look, mistakes were made in the past, I'll admit that," Anderson Robotics owner Vincent Anderson replied Monday to reporters. "We were stuffed behind the Veil. Suffocating. But we just passed a mandated anomalous business audit with flying colours, and I'm determined to start a new chapter in our company's story today."

When asked on the possibility of recovery of company property from the Foundation, Anderson said, "I'm not sure. Really, we'll have to wait for the courts to decide on that. But I'm focused on looking ahead, not backwards."

Anderson's statement was delivered ahead of the eagerly anticipated Friday ICC decision concerning the rights of sapient paratech anomalies…

Excerpt from an emergency bulletin issued by the Food and Drug Administration, 8 January 2017:

Citizens who have consumed food prepared at or served by an Ambrose brand restaurant within the last 48 hours should seek immediate medical assistance following the discovery of ectoentropic contamination within several locations. Citizens who begin to experience symptoms of calcification should contact poison control as soon as possible, and should avoid contact with further transmutative substances.

Excerpt from New York Times article, 17 March 2017:

…have reported feeling an urge to read articles published by Elenjepo Publishing upon seeing them, even if they are not something they would normally be interested in. Leading memetics researchers theorize that Elenjepo Publishing is using cognitohazards on their headlines to make consumers feel enticed to read them. Elenjepo Publishing has denied these allegations. The investigation is currently ongoing…

Headline of Reuters article, 25 April 2017:

Foundation ordered to disband, turn over all documentation of "Fire Suppression Department" by federal court

Independent investigatory board to oversee compliance with mandate

Thumbnail of video "Why Deer College is an Anoma-Leftist Failure (Part 1)", uploaded by user ATFGOwOC66 on 2 June 2017.

Merrymaker chatlog excerpt, 31 July 2017:

CommunismAnarchismNihilism: i believe that smurf village is a patriarchal dictatorship.
TheWokeGod: Oh Mekhan not this again
CommunismAnarchismNihilism: alright alright fine i'll shuddup
bones: You are not the target of my irritation, @CommunismAnarchismNihilism.
lesbian_gengar: what's going on?
bones: It would be better if I showed you.
bones has attached file:tumblremail310720171945UTC.png
bluntfiend: "Your accounts have been indefinitely suspended, pending our reevaluation of transhuman and/or extraterrestrial access to our services" Excuse me what the fuck?????
TrainerDP: Fucking Verizon
CommunismAnarchismNihilism: that's what i've been saying
bluntfiend has set channel to +m
bluntfiend: Shut the fuck up all of you, this is serious.
lesbian_gengar: @bones, is Lyris okay?
bones: I am unsure. I know that she received the same message, but she is unresponsive.
bones: Are you going to take action?
bluntfiend: What kind of question is that, of course we are! We didn't come out of hiding to have to deal with this bullshit!
bones: I will not stop any of you, provided you keep some modicum of restraint.
bones: For now, I request that you respect our privacy.
bones has disconnected
lesbian_gengar: …fuck.

Excerpts from CNN article titled "Verizon stocks continue to drop, outcry towards Tumblr decision reaches federal level", publication date 7 August 2017:

So far, the month of August has not been kind to Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ). The company's decision to suspend two users on its microblogging subsidiary Tumblr last week has been harshly criticized as being transphobic and xenophobic, and the fury doesn't appear to be slowing down. Tumblr's user-base, the anomalous social hacktivist group Gamers Against Weed, and now Democratic members of the US Senate and House have all voiced their disapproval…

"…yet another harrowing example of corporate hypocrisy," commented senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT)…

…Official GAW accounts have circulated posts and image macros on the social media platforms Twitter and Void. Their contents lambast Verizon for the suspensions, alongside continued opposition to the net neutrality movement and past financial ties to Marshall, Carter, & Dark…

…the company's silence, even in the face of a continuous stock nosedive, has spoken volumes. Attempts to reach out to GAW for comment have been similarly unsuccessful.

Article headline and byline from video game journalism website Polygon, 15 February 2018:

Arcadia Fire

Nolan Bushnell is facing growing backlash after more ties to a Satanic cult existing within the company Arcadia prior to 1995 have been revealed. BAFTA has revoked Academy Fellowship, industry figures condemn.

Excerpt from a print advertisement distributed in European countries, 17 February 2018:

…loss or doubt? Do you ever feel as if this universe is just too vast to comprehend? Well, we here at the Eastern Church of the Five Tongued Leech believe that we may be able to help you with those feelings. Our goal is to become one with the cosmos, and to finally understand what it means to be a many-limbed organism. We promise to extinguish your woes and help lead you down a path towards a lifetime of bliss. To begin this journey towards your new life, call our toll free…

Posts from paranatural microblogging platform Void, 3 March 2018:


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Void

The Foundation exploits and tortures countless animals, whose only crimes are that they're not "normal". But because the Foundation funds ⁂wilsons-wildlife, these practices are swept under the rug. Join us in pulling open the blinds and showing the world their idea of "treatment".
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8:00 AM · 3 March 2018


Serpents Hand Official

⁂PETA Oh shut the fuck up, you hypocrites.
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8:09 AM · 3 March 2018

Official Reddit thread, 15 April 2018:

Hi Reddit, I'm Bill Nye, and I'm the lead of Roads and Hopes, which is a project that will hopefully — if I will — save the world. AMA!
submitted 9 hours ago by BillNyeOfficial
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[–] Heynowyouranallstar 3 points 7 hours ago

Hey Bill. I have a question: I read over Roads and Hopes, and it looks promising. How do you think you'll be able to accomplish it with the SCP Foundation basically not letting anyone do anything?

[–] BillNyeOfficial [S] 4 points 7 hours ago

That's an excellent question. Site 57 recently reached out to me about Roads and Hopes, and said that it can be used for an emergency Plan B, in case they have an anomaly of theirs that proves to be more trouble than it's worth.

[–] Heynowyouranallstar 1 point 7 hours ago

I see. Thank you.

[–] BillNyeOfficial [S] 1 point 2 hours ago

Noting that I'm still taking questions!

[–] BillNyeOfficial [S] 1 point 23 minutes ago

Again, I am still taking questions!

Front page headline for online news outlet The Portlandsers' Voice , publication date 20 May 2019:

United States Supreme Court rules against companies barring non-human users from their services in landmark decision

Headlines from UnVeiled Pop Culture, week of 4 May 2020:

RUMOR: "Black Mirror" episodes inspired by SCRAMBLE gear, Maxwellist Mekhanites, Sommerfeld incident in various stages of development…

Banksy furiously denies connections to anart terrorist group Are We Cool Yet? in letter accompanying latest installation near GOC embassy…

Excerpt of Twitch's prohibited anomedia list, revision May 2020:

Users streaming these games will receive permanent suspension from the Twitch platform.

Article headline from online independent music review publication Pitchfork, 9 May 2020:

Who The Fuck is

Tyrannosaurus Flex”?

There's a 40-year-old musical conspiracy theory that's been blowing up my inbox. Tell me: Am I being trolled?


Excerpt from Entertainment Weekly article "Foundation Makes Deal With Art-Preservation Societies," August 7th 2021:

"Yes, I had previously worked with the Foundation," says Dr. Madden, "as both a researcher on media-based anomalies and as a writer for the Pataphysics department. Most of the reason I stayed was so I could see anomalously-made art. They had a sort of monopoly on even the media without anomalous effects themselves, but thankfully that changes today, partially thanks to me." Both the Foundation and the many societies he helped (including the equally mysterious Public Domain Protection Service) can attest to that, seeing how any media deemed safe for public viewing is now uploaded online, considered to be open source. This means they'll be free to distribute, adapt, and more by anyone from a small YouTuber to a major film studio. These include recordings of the disturbing "RONALD REAGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING" as well as some of the films made by an anomalous website the Foundation doesn't want to release to the public. Exceptions are made for films using another company's already-existing copyright, of course.

Selected titles from horror-comedy podcast "Last Podcast on the Left", scraped from audio streaming platform Spotify, 20 September 2022:

Antimemetics: You Can't See Me

GOCtrocities, part II: Splintered Cells

Site-120, Part I: Polishing a Turd

Parawatch: Facts and Fiction

Side Stories: Nobody's Perfect

Select posts made on Void, as part of the trending hashtag #whentheVeilbroke, 12 April 2023:


DC Official
⁂Deer College of Portlands

The number of applications we received more than quadrupled #whentheVeilbroke. For more statistics, visit
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9:24 AM · 12 April 2023



#whentheVeilbroke i was shitposting w/ ⁂jockjamsmixtape about thatcher when Bones muted everyone and linked us to the CNN live feed.
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4:20 PM · 12 April 2023



#whentheVeilbroke I couldn't down that bottle of Captain Morgan fast enough.
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6:25 PM · 12 April 2023

Excerpts from a news segment on the opening of a new Moosphere, Incorporated production facility, 1 February 2025:

Consumer Reports recently announced that business is "going well" at the newly constructed Mindscape Megafactory here out of Bangalore, India.

Last week, I attended an exclusive press tour of the facility grounds. I spoke with factory manager Sanjay Lochan, who told me about the company's success in what they call the 'Mindscape' industry. "We fulfill about 1,500 orders daily, and have a current waiting list of 30,000 people," he says. "It's in high demand. We offer people a chance to become what they never would have been naturally. It's a surprising business model that would not have even worked ten years ago." This is, of course, in reference to the Veil protocol, which as you may know, was […]

Anonymous Moosphere representatives — who relayed messages through a company liaison, to avoid divulging trade secrets — told us they have five factories going up in India alone in the next eighteen months.

Their facilities use state-of-the-art paratechnology that's genuinely out of this world. "Aren't you concerned about consumer safety?" I ask Sanjay in private.

"Quite the contrary. People consent with their dollars, and they consent to cranial probes before we even admit them, and they light up in all the right areas," Sanjay tells me. "The truth is people enjoy it. They like it. And why wouldn't they?"

I can't argue with that logic, Sanjay! One process involves hooking oneself up with the pumping station, through which you can experience a prolonged astral projection for just under 18,000 rupees. Trials for a more permanent, long-distance experience — in a process known as "astral bridging" — are underway in a lab in Hong Kong. Moosphere Astrologists say they want to allow "[a] chance to explore nearby nebulae from the comfort of your own home!"

Overall, my talks with Sanjay were unexpectedly candid. Sanjay, my crew, and I laughed for what must have been hours. The ruckus garnered a few furtive glances from the otherwise focused line workers, who stood wide-eyed and taciturn at their stations the entire day. Talk about diligent work ethic! But, of course, before the tour was over, Sanjay brought me down to the R&D Wing to join my mind with The Lactescent Chorus

Informational hazard destroyed.

Excerpts of the music-related magazine "Rolling Stone", 31 January 2027.

… Results of the new investigation and witness testimonies have proven that the car accident that led to the death of T-Rex singer Marc Bolan was orchestrated by the SCP Foundation…

Pete Doherty, lead singer of both The Libertines and Babyshambles, has been arrested at his home in Paris, France, and is currently under interrogation by the police for suspicions of Fifthist sympathies

"Even if we are not and will never be a Hand-related band, yes, the discovery of the Library had been a great influence for us, since the early years," Radiohead's lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood revealed in a recent interview for Q. "When we had begun recording for 'The King of Limbs', we wanted, especially me and Thom, to make a record that would be able to capture the very essence of what this place is and the mystic parts of it…"

Excerpt from a Breitbart article "Millions concerned for job security - Anomalies optimise more jobs, leaving normal people behind.", 7th July 2027.

More than 2500 people have gathered in Hyde Park, Sydney after 'Lendlease' determines that a known reality warper is a suitable replacement for 150 workers.

The reality warper, who can instantly construct anomalous structures, was provided with the job by a Manna Charitable Foundation security net, and Lendlease agents spent several weeks determining whether he was fit for the job. On Tuesday he was allowed onto the construction site for '1 Central' (A skyscraper planned to be built on Central Station, Sydney, anomalously made invisible so as to bypass air rights laws) and 150 workers were made redundant as a result.

Following the news, a protest was organised, which is so far peaceful. Counter-protesters, mostly from anomalous communities, also arrived, and a small scuffle occurred near the Anzac memorial, resulting in one arrest. Breitbart reporters performed exclusive interviews on some of the protesters, showing that the people of the world are sick and tired of this anomalous menace.

"I don't want to sound insensitive but, is it fair to be removed from your job because you were bet- born different? Is it?" One protester said.

"These people think that they can steal our jobs! This is not the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last." Another said.

More headlines:
Secondary Oculus Flu outbreak confirmed in Libya.
Anomalous History to be Taught in French Schools, President confirms.

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