Broken Light Hub
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Here's a tale of Broken Light.
A final playground for tonight.

Has claustrophobia for you.

Keeps kids safe but not much fun.

Will launch you through the sky's trap door.

Forgot what happy used to be.

Prologue: Your Dream Is Not Terribly Marketable

And He Will Crash Upon the Rocks - This Lighthouse is FUBAR, Chael

Origin: One Day Your Toes May Reach The Trees

Earth Dander - Angels In The Atmosphere

The First Failure: Tunnel Slide Gets Dark Reeeeaaal Quick, Goddamn

She Makes The Pitch - An Enchanting Encounter With Iss

The Second Failure: Merry-Go-View Says You're a Pedo

The Mad, Part 1 - When You Never Ask Yourself If You Should

The Third Failure: Teeter-Pult Might Need Some WD-40

The Mad, Part 2 - Megatron Would Be So Proud

The Final Failure: How To Be The Worst Swing Set Ever

The Mad, Part 3 - Rub His Nose In The Carpet

Life Unlived: My Time With The Emotional Discordance Unit

The Rigorous Rules of Antagonism - Toph Would Steal Candy From A Star Baby

A Flicker of Hope: The Things We Did While You Slept

A Luminous Puzzle - Chael, You Do The Border First

Epilogue: A Happy Never-Ending

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