Breakfast Wishes
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A big, red "F."

That's what it said on Lucas's test. Lucas was miserable, not because of the grade, but, because of what would happen when he showed his mother.

After school, Lucas decided he would take the long way home. Sometimes he could sneak on the bus or ask his friend's mom for a ride, but whenever he felt down he walked through the forest.

He looked up while walking and saw the great canopy of the trees providing shade to all life below. The trees bent and curved in such a way that the entire preserve was covered in a shell of leaves and everything within was completely protected.

Lucas walked on logs and picked up sticks, all the while the "F" in his bag wore him down. Getting through the preserve would usually take around 20 minutes but today he wanted to stay a little longer.

Lucas was going further into the forest and the grasses were growing thicker. He rarely went this way because of the danger. But today, he just felt different.

He decided to head back around the dense forest but, unexpectedly, he heard a groan. Not a scary animal groan or a grunt, but a sad, pitiful one.

He followed it and upon a clearing, he found a small shack. Light shone from the door frame.

A voice came from the shack, "Hello, child. What are you doing out in the forest alone?"

Lucas started to back up.

"Ah, don't worry. I mean no harm. I’m just a tradesman. I just need one small thing and I can grant you any wish."

Lucas stopped and turned his head. He thought that maybe he could get out of trouble. To face his mother, to show her the grade, to face the consequences, all were of such concern to Lucas that he decided to listen further.

"What would you like, child? Ask anything of me."

Lucas slowly tiptoed to the corners of the door frame and whispered in his desire. As he spoke, he looked into the thin slits at the side of the door and saw furniture.

"I see, as you crave it, so shall it be. But I also request something from you."

Its voice invaded Lucas's mind. The deal was struck and Lucas obeyed.

The night was quiet. The only sound pervading the forest was Lucas's panting as he ran to the clearing.

Lucas traveled in the dark, there were no stars tonight. The canopy, once a beacon of comfort, blocked the shine of the moon. A prison of leaves swerved and danced across the sky taunting the boy.

He made it back to the clearing. But unlike the rest of the translucent forest which seemed to blur in the night, the clearing was glassy. With an ambient light permeating from the grassy ground, Lucas's mind became clear and his fear of the darkness fled.

"Have you brought the item, child?"

Lucas nodded and came forth.

"Slip it under the door!"

Lucas took the item out of his pocket and tried to squeeze it under the narrow slit of the rotted wood.

The shack started to convulse and the leaves of the trees shook as the wind picked up.

"Yes, child. Just give it to me and reality is yours!"

Lucas opened the foil wrapping on the Pop-Tart and took out one pastry and stuck it under the door.

"Thank you, dear boy. Your wish has been granted."

Lucas sat down in the grass and ate the other Pop-Tart.

In Lucas's room, the big, red "F" transformed into a big, red "A."

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