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Welcome to the Anomalous Radio Station!

About BreakerBreaker


I'm a digital artist and fan-artist for the SCP Wiki. Starting as a casual fan of the wiki in 2019, I eventually joined the site in late 2020 and began publicly posting fanart around the same time.
My work is a mixture of traditional and digital art, decently recognizably for its distinct, cartoony style. I use traditional methods to plan out my art and then digital methods to finish it off. Usually things like rough sketches are taken care of on post-its or sketch paper. After that, the sketches are either replicated or copied into Clip Studio Paint Pro, where they are then finished digitally.
At present, I am working on several different pieces of fanart that should hopefully be finished in the coming weeks. I am also in the middle of writing my first SCP article. Hopefully, that will be finished and posted next month.

Social Media

Twitter: @anomalous_radio
Tumblr: @anomalous_radio
Deviantart: @BreakerBreaker_AR
Instagram: @anomalous_radio

Contact Info

Commission Info: [CLOSED]
Discord: Nonsense#3907
Feel free to contact through Wikidot PM, Tumblr PM, or Twitter PM. Although, I don't check those as often as my Discord.

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