breaddddd's first tape warehouse
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pre-reading tips:

  • the following contents contain a great deal of waifunization, a personal understanding of the mentioned articles and a lack of conformity with the characters' original personae.
  • basically only those who participate in the chinese branch are included.
  • for anyone who has only appeared here once, even if the character on the picture is not their author oc, it will be marked with their wikidot username.
  • the coloring tools are a colored pencil + paper tape. anyone who are particularly interested in the tape in any painting can come to ask me, and i should be able to find it out… but some may have been out of print.
  • the pictures look a little fuzzy, because they were compressed to save space in the sandbox. if you need the original picture plz come and contact me!
  • since the time span is relatively large, you may feel that some or all of them are painted a little poorly…
  • there're LOTS of pictures. to folks with mobile data plans plz close this page RIGHT NOW!

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