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Hello, I'm Bread_TyrantBread_Tyrant! And I like sci-fi/fantasy and my discord is Bread#4626

"What are you gonna do, quote me?" SynthPanda_SynthPanda_

"Good bread, would eat" FelixouFelixou


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Instance of SCP-5361 Item #: SCP-5361 Object Class: Neutralised Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers were to monitor UK weather agencies and other media outlets reporting on...
tags: antimemetic empathic humanoid intangible meteorological neutralized reanimation sapient scp sentient

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Item №: SCP-5362 Object Class: Euclid (Provisional) Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to monitor for the appearance of literary or artistic depictions of SCP-5362. These...
tags: alive euclid folklore-dept humanoid metamorphic mimetic mind-affecting murine observational scp

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Item №: SCP-6132 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to monitor for the appearance of text and images depicting SCP-6132. Foundation satellite Delta-88 has...
tags: auditory blackwood compulsion folklore-dept fred hallucination humanoid intangible keter neurological scp

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Item #: SCP-6176 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Wing G of Site-301 has been converted to act as SCP-6176's primary containment chamber, currently a 4.5m wide cube-shaped room,...
tags: concept euclid metamorphic observational scp

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I Remember Hearing Your First Heartbeat. It Was Like Hearing A Heartbeat From God. Yeah That's Right, God's Heartbeat. Item #: SCP-6893 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Foundation...
tags: building cervine keter meta mind-affecting narrative scp teleportation uncontained

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Item №: SCP-6381 Object Class: Anomalous Special Containment Procedures: The propagation of SCP-6381 is spurred on by the increasing Red Group Population. In order to prevent this, remaining Blue...
tags: concept esoteric-class neurological scp

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Item #: SCP-6408 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6408 has yet to be contained. Personnel are advised to stay within their respective locations. Metaphysical representation of...
tags: concept keter mind-affecting scp uncontained

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Item categorisation negates visual, verbal and physical depictions. This may extend to symbolic representation. If you are to continue with this document you must remain internally consistent. ...
tags: auditory concept esoteric-class extradimensional hostile infohazard memetic meta mind-affecting scp tactile

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NOTICE FROM SITE-301'S DIRECTOR Morning everyone, Hope you all are having a great day here at Site-301. Unfortunately, today I have some bad news to share. This month has been tough on the Foundations...
tags: cognitohazardous esoteric-class neutralized ritualistic scp sleep surrealistics-dept uncontained

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Item #: SCP-6429 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-6429 are contained within separate storage lockers at Reliquary Site-27. Foundation containment teams are to...
tags: alive cadaver humanoid media ontokinetic photographic safe scp sentient species


Crow's Head
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The stone path led beneath a stone arch, adorned with the broken statue of a crow, the head of which had found itself laying in the grass three meters away. An epitaph was carved into the arch, too...
tags: tale

Wendigo In The City
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I can't believe it. I got mugged. Me, the Wendigo, stalker of the night, terror of the frost, was mugged by some hooligans in an alleyway. How had I come to this? I used to be something feared, but...
tags: tale

Blood and Frost
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In an era before time, Tellus was a world of chaos. A world of arcane gods and colossal beasts that dwarfed the dunes of the bloody desert, and toppled the snow-covered mountains of the northern...
tags: tale

Night Creatures
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“Hold on a sec, I think I see something,”said John, holding out his arm to block Gabriel’s movement. Peering through needle-like raindrops, there were undead about, thumbing all around the fences'...
tags: tale


Bread_Tyrant Authorpage
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Now Presenting Author Self-insert because it's fun Esoteric Classes Hello, I'm Bread_Tyrant! And I like sci-fi/fantasy and my discord is Bread#4626 Quotes: What are you gonna do, quote me? ...
tags: author

KOT art art
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Kot art
tags: artwork


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