Crow's Head
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The stone path led beneath a stone arch, adorned with the broken statue of a crow, the head of which had found itself laying in the grass three meters away. An epitaph was carved into the arch, too battered by age to make it legible. Through the arch, the path continued, progressively fussing into the grass around it, which was tall and dense from decades of growth. At the end of the field stood a large brick house which now acted as a fragment of a bygone era. Vines had staked claim to its walls, every root grinding down the stone into dust. The vines grew unnaturally, growing around the roof's edge and extending into the air. Brown murky wood had withstood the elements, although barely held up the house's frame. Even from far away, the musk of mold and rot was sensed. The roof had long given way to the house's interior with the grass surrounding the structure being littered with fallen shale tiles.

“I told you this place was pretty cool” The kid in the blue hoodie said, as he lifted the fallen crow's head, placing it into his pocket.

“I wonder why they haven’t demolished this place yet, seems like it’s just wasted space” Said the kid with a white jumper and joggers.

They both had been just by the arch preparing to cross it to do some exploring. The weather has kept them both inside, and now that it was a reasonable grey, silent day, they decided to take their chances. This silence was progressively getting more and more broken by a constant wind across their backs. Not wanting to wait for everything to be blown away, they swung their bags around their shoulders and walked through the arch.

And just like that there was silence again, like the force pushing on them had ceased it’s impatience and now watched idly.

“Did you feel that?” Said the kid in the blue hoodie.

“Weather is weird sometimes.” The other responded.

“Maybe it’s ghosts. You believe in ghosts?”

The other didn’t answer, for something deep within his gut stopped his curiosity of what might be the source. Perhaps it was because they were about to enter a decrepit home.

About a couple meters from the door, both became stopped in place at the sound of creaking floor boards frantically rushing around. There was the sound of a large thud and a door swinging open so fast it shuddered the frame. The two kids entered through the front door, the handle being cold and frozen stiff. It’s copper colour having become a sickly brown. The blue hoodie kid opened the door with dread and caution. The door gave way easily with little pressure, the wood being so old it was a disservice to the craftsmen and trees used to make it.

A door on the other side of the room was wide open, swinging on its hinges. Looking through the door, one of the kids caught the glimpse of some figures running past the treeline and out of sight. The wind had begun to pick up again, producing the most awful sound as it battled with the rot. On the ground was the head of that crow statue seen on the arch. The blue hoodie kid picked it up, bringing the one he found out of his pocket to compare.

“We must have spooked those guys.” One said.

“Maybe they thought we were the landowners or something.” The other responded.

The kid in the white jumper ran his hands across the wall. The white paint was stained yellow and was peeling, allowing the brick to breathe the musky air inside the interior. The wind had been growing stronger too, producing an orchestra of horrible, uneasy sounds for the ears.

The two heard a noise outside. It could’ve been the wind hitting the grass, but the wind had already stopped without warning. There was only silence once more, but to them it was deafening.

A distant mysterious voice broke the silence “Did you feel that?”

That sudden panic entered their blood, the kind that causes your face to redden and your skin to warm up no matter the temperature. The kind that makes your heart groan, as it pumps with adrenaline. The two began rushing to get their stuff, with the blue hoodie kid dropping the crow head he had found on the ground not realizing he still held the one he found in that house as they bolted out of the back door. They ran straight across the field towards the treeline.

One kid turned as he ran, seeing two figures standing in the room now. One wearing blue and the other, white.

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