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The following is a posting found torn from the Board in La Rue Macabre.


La Rue Macabre

Brain Stew: Come and get some! $10 or best offer.

I've got just the stew for you. Freshly made at my own home for your eating pleasures. I spent a good amount of time getting this all made. Everything in this stew was pulled fresh from the garden, too. Everything, but the brains.

They're my brains. From my head.

Stew isn't from my head, though. It's got a little bit of everything. Some red potatoes, onions, carrots. Even got a little bit of beef in there for flavor. It's a right veritable stew.

I'm also, of course, putting my brains in it.

But don't let that steer you away from a good eatin'! I taste tested this myself and it's got me saying, "Golly, what a meal!" Can't get enough of the stuff. Hits the spot just right.

Even the brains. My brains.

To put it simple, I don't need them anymore. My brains are holding me back. I'm too indecisive and I'm too flustered and I'm too scared and nervous to do anything, so I'm giving them out to anyone that wants them.

In a stew. Because I'm damn good at cooking, Lord be praised. It really isn't half bad. Come on over and just try it a little.

The following is a posting found torn from the Board in La Rue Macabre.


La Rue Macabre

Brains Stew: Freshly made. $5 or best offer.

Alright nobody came for the last batch, but I made it again so you would like it this time. I even tasted this one and it kicks the hell out of the whatever slop I made last time. Pretty simple even for a simple-person like me.

Its got it all. Stew fixings. Carrots. Onions. A bit more beef this time. Some more potatoes. I did, however, keep my brains in it because whats the point of brains stew without brains? Then its just. Stew. And this aint just stew dammit.

Its brains stew. With my brains in it. Like I want it to be.

Seriously please try it. Its good, I swear. I put a lot of thought into it and a lot of heart. Okay maybe not a lot of heart, because then it would be blood stew, and there aint any blood in it because that'd be gross as hell. But there is brains like I promised. I just wanna be a useful to this comunitty like everyone else. Yall have been so nice to me and i'm giving back the only ways I know how.

Come out. Come in. Dig it.

The following is a posting found torn from the Board in La Rue Macabre.


La Rue Macabre

brain Stew: take it. free as dirt.

nobody is comin out for this stew and i dont get it. i worked hard on this. yall probably hate me. probably cuz yall think im stupid.

look. it aint bad. have a taste. i made some more. its real good. ill feed it to you with my own hands. thats good eatin and good service. where else are you gonna find that? grossery stores? restorants? the fuckin food coop?

its clean. its tasty. pleas im begging yall come out and have some. im not useless. im doin the best i can. i dont have lots in my head right now but i have plenty of sweat and tears to cry for you.

i wanna be somethin to yall.

The following is a posting found torn from the Board in La Rue Macabre.


La Rue Macabre


Two things.

Kenny's ma found him moping about his back lawn with a big as hell hole in his head. It's a damn miracle that he was alive, but he isn't the same. He's got huge pots of somethin'-or-other lying around his kitchen that's gone rotten, too. We keep trying to get answers out of him, but no one can understand what he's saying.

If there are any good half-dead Kenny interpreters around (or anyone that wants to give it a shot anyway), we could use your help. He's in a bad spot right now and could really use a friend.

The other thing is that some wobble-brained good-for-nothing keeps taking stuff off the board. I know that rascal is reading this, but it's hard enough to spread word around here without throwing a rock with well-meaning scribble on it in the general direction of your best friend. So this is your only warning: leave the fuckin' board alone and you won't get your shit kicked 20 miles south.

Stay safe out there, everybody. Lots of love.


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