Researcher "Bryx" Ryan's Personnel File

Name: Mitchell "Bryx" Ryan

Age: 26

Site Assigned: 19

Clearance Level: 2

Letter Class: Pending As soon as someone figures this system out, they can tell me. I’m not a D. After that, who the hell knows?

Researcher Ryan joined the Foundation as a Junior Researcher in the last year of college. Since then, he has not participated in a single specific research project for more than three weeks, preferring instead to take a small part in the containment and testing of various Safe and Euclid class SCP’s as needed. So far, he has shown a basic proficiency in the majority of tasks that he has been assigned to, without any specific specialties. Attempts to discern what degree he actually earned in college have been temporarily halted until all SCP-447-2 has been cleared from the employee records’ hard drive. Turns out that green goo really can do anything.

Researcher Ryan has shown a strong interest in testing with SCP-261, having returned to the project several times. As he has followed all testing protocols to the letter, Site Staff see no reason to bar him from the SCP, so long as he joins a gym. Exercise is NOT good for you. It makes you live LONGER, for gods’ sakes!

Note: Researcher Ryan (That is myself) possesses a strong dislike for phrases used in popular culture, specifically "swag", but apparently this isn’t important enough to be noted in my official documentation. Seriously though, don’t say those words.

SCP’s catalogued by Researcher Ryan





Reports authored by Researcher Ryan

On the Other Side of the Coin

SCP-related Fiction authored by Researcher Ryan (Available for access by personnel with appropriate clearance)

Madame Lucia
Where The Garden Began
Skip Jam Part One
The Lady in the Tower
A Crossing
Let the Games Begin
Everyone Knows

Researcher Ryan is adept at improving group morale in any project that he is included in. Seen below is a list of false SCP Documents filed by Researcher Ryan noted to amuse coworkers.

Does anyone actually get this joke? It’s a serious item with horrible deadly properties. I’d be just as frustrated as the Researcher in the interview log. What is a downvote? -Dr. ████ The reason you don’t get the joke is the same reason that you can’t see these words. YOU aren’t meta.

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