Book of Isaac son of Zadok
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Book of Isaac son of Zadok

1 The word of God to Isaac, son of Zadok, the Beth-Shemeshite, that He spoke to him in the days of the Judges. 2 A prophecy on the Mekhanites; hear, you children of Javan, listen, you believers of Mekhan. 3 I am God - the heavens and earth I have made, the land and the sea I have created. 4 For God is the one that creates all, from the largest to the smallest, that is on the face of the earth. 5 Can God break that you must fix him? Can God be destroyed that you must rebuild him? 6 For so says God: man I have created, and iron I have created, and you too I have created, yet you take iron and join it to man. 7 And you also make men of iron; but they are not men, for they have no understanding or wisdom; and men have knowledge, understanding and wisdom. 8 “Did I not create man in my image?” the word of the Lord. “And you would change man to suit you, to make him like your god, 9 saying ‘Man is not created like god and we shall make him such’, 10 but if man is not made in god’s image, how can you change him such? For none but God can make others like him.” 11 And you say “But we seek to better man with iron and bronze!” and I say “Better yourselves first, 12 so that you should know there is none but me in the heavens and the earth, and I shall better you. 13 And when you know I am one, and my law is good, and my words are true, 14
that I have made metal, and flesh, and fruit, and animals, and stone, and blood, and trees, 15 then you shall say ‘We shall better man with what You the Lord have given us, with all that You have put on the Earth’, 16 with metal, and with flesh, and with fruit, and with animals, and with stone, and with blood, and with trees, 17 and I shall say ‘Do it, and I shall bless you in it,’ 18 But behold! you are wicked men, for you say “God did not make man, but God made iron and bronze, and we shall make man into iron and bronze that we may serve our god,” 19 but your god is false, for God has made all, man and iron alike. 20 Behold! Even the nations of the world who do not know me worship that which I have made, the sun, the moon, and the earth, 21 yet you worship a god of your own making, an abomination, that I have not made and I have not done. 22 Repent, and return to the Lord, and accept the covenant I made with all people of the Earth that I made with Noah upon his departure from the Ark, 23 and I shall forgive you for all your sins, and you shall better man to serve Me. 24 But you shall not hear my word, and ignore what I have said, and my anger shall grow. 25 And it will be, and you will oppress my people Israel, and my anger shall fill at you. 26 And I shall rain down a great rain that will shake the very foundations of the earth down to the deep, to wash you away, 27 but I shall remember my promise that I made to Noah, to never again flood the earth, and I shall merely wash away you, and all that you have made. 28 But you will return, and you shall continue doing that which is wicked in my eyes.

2 A prophecy on the Nalkites1; you disgust me, and have no hope. 2 For even the beasts of the field know Me, and fulfill their purpose as I have established it, 3 and the lion eats the ox, and the wolf eats the sheep, and none but I can change it, 4 and God has made man to be above all the plagues of the world, to cure them, yet you say "We shall sacrifice man to disease, and worship it, that it shall not kill us." 5 Hear, you Amalekites2, haters of all that is good, lovers of all that is evil; I shall surely wipe you out from the face of the earth. 6 For you say “Man is God that he will be worshipped, and god is man that he will be killed,” 7 and you say “Murder is good, and disease is good, and life is bad,” yet you spurn death. 8 And I despise you, for you murder man and eat his flesh, and there is no good in you, and you hate My people Israel. 9 Has it ever been seen? Has it ever been heard in all the land? 10 That men worship disease, and serve death, and despise healing and hate life? 11 Behold! Does the goat worship the leopard? Does the ox worship the lion? But they fear them, and hate them. 12 For they are wiser then you, you men of foolishness, and none is more foolish then you. 13 And you say “We shall take man, and make him not man, and we shall create abominations of man,” 14 and you make that which is utterly strange, and has no basis with all I have made. 15 And you say “Right and wrong are nothing, and we shall do as we please, and we shall have no mercy,” and you hate My people Israel. 16 Behold! Even the Egyptians raised up Joseph, and even the Midianites raised Moses in his youth, and even the Philistines returned my Ark to the tabernacle, 17 and even the Canaanites did not harm my servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for all nations have good but you. 18 And even the bear loves its young, and even the birds of the sky know their direction, and even the snake does not bite for no purpose, 19 but you hate your children, and know not where you go, and kill without purpose, and have nothing good. 20 Behold! for all the wicked you have done, I shall utterly wipe you out; not one shall remain, 21 and the earth shall be happy without you - like the sheep rejoices upon the wolf being no more - for many thousands of years. 22 But it will be, and the most wicked of men will remember you, and they shall say “We shall bring back what God has destroyed!” 23 And few will be like you, but many will not; and they will remove all that is not abhorrent to me, and I shall be infuriated. 24 And they shall say “We shall be god by doing wrong!” and they shall say “The world is suffering and pain, and we shall worship he who brought that on us.” 25 And the men of the world shall say "The wolf has left, and the lion has arrived to kill!" 26 But they will do no harm, for I shall shield all men from them, and I shall ignore them, for My mercy is everlasting. 27 But they will grow, and My anger shall grow at them, and they shall be utterly destroyed; nothing shall remain, no memory shall exist. 28 And all who did not utterly despise them shall be wiped out; nothing shall remain. 29 And the world will be free of you and they, and the world shall be happy, and My people Israel shall be happy and rejoice.

Should I put those two in? I'm not sure.
I guess it depends on how much I want to leave in and how much I want to take out.


Should I even do this? I mean, my superiors haven't done it, and there must be a reason for that. I… No. No, I'm doing this. It may save lives, and that's all that matters. I'm going to do this.

OK, but still, should I put these in?

Alright, yeah, I'll put it in. I mean, they're mentioned in the last chapter; no use letting them know that I'm leaving stuff out.
OK… the next one has nothing to do with anomalous stuff, and four through seven are about Israel. Those aren't going in.
Chapter Eight though…

8 And the word of God came to Isaac son of Zadok the Beth-Shemeshite saying again saying: 2 Write this in a book, that those in the days to come shall hear of it; for days are coming when many will forget me, and they shall not know me; and they shall try to do good, but they shall not, 3 for they shall worship the governor in the presence of the king, and shall not learn my laws, to do good and not evil. 4 And write this in a book to them, that they shall read and know me. 5 And you shall write in this book saying: the message of God to the Men of the Shade. 6 I have seen your struggles, that you seek to hold back the abominations, and to hide them; and I have seen that you wish good. 7 And I shall have mercy on you, and bless you in what you do, and you shall prosper and flourish like flowers in the garden. 8 And you will struggle against the tide, and you shall fight, and you shall succeed. 9 But you will forget me, and you will say "It was my strength and the power of my hand that did this, that has held back the tide," but I am he who has done it, and you have not. 10 And your arrogance will grow like you once flourished, and you will say "Where is God that I may capture him? Where is God that I may trap him?" 11 But I shall not punish you, for I shall remember that you seek good, and I shall spare you, and you shall fight the tide that threatens to wash over you like streams in the Negev3, and you shall continue to succeed. 12 But your arrogance shall grow yet more, and you shall see abominations in all of the wonders I have placed on the Earth. 13 But they are surely My wonders, and I have surely made them; like I made the sun, the moon, and the stars, and like I created the trees, the seas, and the living things. 14 And I have made men like I have made the wonders, and you will see this and this as abominations, and you shall trap men, women, and children like a hunter traps his quarry, and they shall cry out to you, and you shall ignore them, and say "They are not men!" 15 But I shall yet remember your intentions that they are good, and that you try to do good, and I shall give you wonders to assist you in all you do, to hold back the abominations, 16 but you will say "They are abominations!" of my miracles, and you shall trap them, and use them for sins, and I shall be angered at you, 17 but I shall not destroy you, for I shall have mercy on the men of the world, that you hold back the chaos and void, 18 and I shall have mercy on you, for I shall remember your intentions that they are good, and the streams of the Negev shall not flood.

Yeah, that one's definitely going in. It's the whole point of this.

19 And write in the book for the Men of Oblivion, saying:

NO. That's completely irrelevant to them, and will only make them more insufferable.
They don't really need admonitions of other modern groups. Those are staying out too.
The last chapter's going in though. Even if they don't listen to the admonitions, at least they'll prepare and minimize damage. At the very least, they're not just going to ignore it.

Alright, so, that's what's going in. I wonder what they'll think of it.

Yitzhak Dopol had done everything he could. All that was left to do was send it.

He hoped they would do the right thing.

11 And will be in the end of days, and my anger will fill at the Mekhanites, the Nalkites, the Men of the Shade, the Men of Oblivion, and the rest, and they will fall to war. 2 And they will fight for many days, and many will die, and all will suffer, but my people Israel will be untouched. 3 And it will be then, when the world is immersed in war, and the abominations shall be used, and shall break free, 4 and the hidden shall be not-hidden, and the world will fall into chaos and void, 5 and all shall pray to me, but I shall not listen, for they have angered me, and they shall be like lambs to the slaughter. 6 But my people Israel will not be harmed, and those who hate them shall die, and those who love them shall live. 7 And in the blink of an eye, a multitude of multitudes will fall, and all the world shall be in terror, 8 and the Mekhanites, Nalkites, Men of the Shade and Men of Oblivion and all the rest will be wiped out; not one shall remain. 9 And it will be, and the not-hidden shall be free, and blood will run in the streets; and the world shall be chaos and void. 10 And it will be then, and my anger shall grow yet more, and my hand shall strike even my people Israel. 11 And many multitudes of multitudes will fall, and even a multitude of Israel shall fall in those days. 12 And my people Israel shall call out to me at that time, and I will remember them; 13 and I will remember my covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and even my covenant with Noah I will remember, to not wipe man off the face of the Earth. 14 And My anger shall fade, and the sins of the wicked shall be cleansed, and all will be innocent before me, 15 and I shall remove the abominations from the face of the Earth, and they shall never terrorize again. 16 And the not-hidden will be hidden, and my nation Israel will be strong, for the hidden will be theirs. 17 And it will be in those days, and the nation of Israel will be returned to My path, and the world shall follow them. 18 And My people Israel shall grow, and I shall bless them in all they do, 19 and I shall bless them with knowledge of My wonders that I have given them, and they shall understand all, 20 and the house of David shall be restored in its place, and I shall build my Temple, and fill it with wonders that have never been seen. 21 And all the nations of the world shall respect and fear My nation, and my people Israel will be strong forever.

"Surely the nations are like a drop in a bucket, they are regarded as dust on the scales; He weighs the distant lands as though they were fine dust." -Isaiah 40:15

"'The pride of your heart has deceived you, you who dwell in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; you who say in your heart, "Who will bring me down to the ground?" Though you ascend as high as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down,' says the Lord." -Obadiah 1:3-4

"And God will be master of the whole world. And it will be on that day, and God will be one and his name will be one." -Zechariah 14:9

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