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Position: [REDACTED]
Gender: [REDACTED]
Identifier: "Bolterpyre"
Current Assignment: Liaison Officer between GOI-5683 ("Anomalous Warfare Battalion") and the SCP Foundation.
Status1 Active

Previous Assignments:

- Former Mobile Task Force Omega-20 ("Thought Police") Operator

- Former Mobile Task Force Sigma-18 ("Blackened Shards") Operator

  • Participated in the recovery of Anomalous Item-3245
  • Participated in Intelligence Gathering operation that resulted with the recovery of the document, File-SCPV213

- Former Mobile Task Force Beta-65 ("Wandering Watcher") Operator

- Assigned to Surveillance Task Force Alpha-22 ("Guardians of the Night")

  • Participated in observatory operations on PoI-7385 ("They") regarding their attempts of communication to an unexplored parallel dimension similar to ours.


Agent "Bolterpyre" served as a Site-56 containment guard with a Level-3 clearance and assisted in multiple recontainment of entities that had breached in the past. After a [REDACTED] years of service, they are assigned to serve in MTF Omega-20 ("Thought Police") for their ability to project low-risk thaumaturgic illusion, as well as utilization of telepathy, to a targeted sentient entity.

They were re-assigned to MTF Sigma-18 ("Blackened Shards"), assisting with its formation as well as overseeing the training of its first batch of operators. To date, they have executed at least [REDACTED] number of successful operations. One of the most popular missions they have executed was when Agent Bolterpyre had participated in a recovery operation in Egypt to recover an anomalous item possessed by S3 Enterprise's (GOI-8827) CEO, an enigmatic figure only known as "Mr. Akbar". The Mobile Task Force was successful in its recovery operation. However, due to the covert nature of Agent Bolterpyre's work, they were exempted to be a recipient of an award.

After the re-emergence of a Group-of-Interest simply known as "The Reliquary", Agent Bolterpyre was among the personnel selected to gather information about one of their targeted "Item-of-Interest" which resulted in the recovery of File-SCPV213.

Agent Bolterpyre was assigned to MTF Beta-65 ("Wandering Watcher") for the retrieval of a "Codex Universarius" within the Wanderer's Library. The Codex was decoded, with their assistance, and revealed the existence of one "Protectorate Blackshot". Further studies about this Person-of-Interest was currently pending approval.

For the meantime, they were assigned to Provincial Site-198D at Philippines to act as liaison officer between the Anomalous Warfare Battalion, a sub-branch of Philippine Marine Corps and the SCP Foundation (as well as the small detachment of Global Occult Coalition unit deployed in the archipelago).

They were also assigned with the translation of Foundation files for availability should it be required for future research or simply as references. The translated documents were as follows:


NOTE: The files were written in Tagalog dialect.

SCP-069 - Second Chance written by: AelannaAelanna

SCP-1504 - Joe Schmo written by MayDMayD

SCP-4248 - Alphabet and Omega written by notgullnotgull

NOTE: Additional entries will be added here in this Page

Anomalous Warfare Battalion

"Group-of-Interest-5683 has warranted attraction from the Foundation following the occurrences of multiple anomalous events, as well as the appearances of minor Groups-of-Interest in the Philippine archipelago.

It wasn't the secretive nature of this GOI that intrigued the Foundation, but their capability to combat it.

Due to this, the Provincial Site-198D was supplied with various personnel that might have prior connections to this GOI to act as liaisons because we firmly believe that partnership with them might be beneficial to the Foundation."

-Dr. Albert Houston, Site-56 Director

Records collected from the GOI-5683, most commonly known as "Anomalous Warfare Battalion", is listed below:

  • Operation Bunot-Ugat After-Action Report [INFORMATION DECLASSIFIED]



Not much was known about Agent Bolterpyre, other than the fact that they were drawn from Armed Reliquary Site-039, the home of Mobile Task Force Gamma-57 ("Jetpack Reverends"). If they were a Nun or a Priest, it wasn't known but further analysis of their personnel file indicated that they are not ordained, but belonged to an obscured elite unit that formed as Gamma-57's backbone. Their connection with the Anomalous Warfare Battalion was hinted at, which was presumed to be their former unit but this fact wasn't proved yet. There were evidences that they used to be a Global Occult Coalition personnel before they are "assigned" to Armed Reliquary Site-039. Due to the fact that most of their origins are full of contradiction at best, it might be an indication of a disinformation campaign to prevent the leakage of the Agent's identity.

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