The Body and Blood
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To Arch-Director Jakob of our Holy Seventh Cathedral,

The Monastery of the Divine Light is one of the more mysterious sects of our Foundation. They have famously rejected visitors and observers from The Overwatch to view their practices. Their great castles and refectories are only able to be viewed from afar, guarded from the world. In my youth, my sister left our community to join the Monastery, and I had not heard from her since. Recently, I received an invitation. My sister had risen through their ranks to become a Lead Doctor, and invited me to visit their grounds. I spent a month there in reflection on Bright's word, and emerged with a greater understanding of their meaning.

Below is a transcription of a rite that intrigued me greatly, as it has no analog in our Church. In addition, it uses a relic as an active part of the proceedings. I hope this transcription proves valuable in aiding our further understanding of the Midwestern denominations.

The Celebrants:

The Doctor, to perform this ceremony is the highest honor only reserved to that of the High Doctors.

The Masses, typically handpicked and invited by The Host. No more than twenty can be present at the ceremony.

The Host, chosen from those aged and infirm.

The Doctor enters the Hall. They are followed shortly thereafter by The Masses, who sit in a circular fashion around a candle and alter. The Doctor stands in front of the candle, holding a candlelighter.

The Doctor: In the beginning there was nothing. The Ancient Temple rose from the void, and brought hope to those in the Dark.

The Doctor lights the candle, illuminating the Hall.

The Masses: We live in the light and vanquish the Dark.

The Doctor: In those early days, we hid, quietly accomplishing what needed to be done. Yet, the agents of darkness and chaos sowed seeds of destruction and brought an end to the ancient times.

The Doctor extinguishes the flame.

The Host enters the Hall, carried if needed by a D-Caste. They hold the Hammer of Asheworth the Martyr in their hands, presenting it to the Doctor.

The Doctor: Our King Bright, as the works of the old came crashing down, You gave Your first body so that your people may live. When the flames and soot had passed, You rose, reborn from the ashes of the Temple, and guided your people to rebuild the former glory of the Temple.

The Host hands the Doctor the hammer, and lays on the alter.

The Doctor: My King, you gave your first life for us, we are indebted to you. With this sacrament, may we become closer to Brightness so that we will receive eternal joy at the gates of your Kingdom.

The Host and Masses: In the name of the Amulet, we pray.

Crossing over to the alter, The Doctor brings down the Hammer upon the head of the Host. They are transubstantiated into The Substance, a spicy vegetable sauce. The Doctor swings until the entire Host is converted.

The Doctor takes an unleavened bread, breaks it into small pieces, and gives the pieces to the Masses. They consume the Substance until it has all been eaten.

The Masses and Doctor depart the Hall in silence.

Bright protect,
Brother Chester

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