Bluejones Aquatic Author Page
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People who helped me:

I got many friends who are way more awesome and cooler than moí and I highly suggest you read their stuff!

CaliboldCalibold Mega cool guy and the guy that helped me build this page (He made decommission a thing again so I highly recommend you check him out) he is also a major supporter of my works so please give him all your support!

AbsentmindedNihilistAbsentmindedNihilist Another awesome person that is really cool! She wrote many cool and awesome stories and SCPs, I highly recommend her! She is also the proud owner of Tubby (praise be to the almighty Tubby)

MalyceGravesMalyceGraves This person is a really great friend of mine! They helped me create my tale for their nexus - La Rue Macabre. I seriously recommend checking out their stuff if you get a chance. Their also a fellow Sarkic and loves all things fleshy, sarkic and historical.

TropinanoTropinano She made my first art piece (commissioned of course) and she did a fantastic job! Plus she is a very skilled writer and is passionate about her work! Please check her out! She wrote an a very nice piece - A Good Actor Never Dies - and so I suggest reading that as well as her skips!

Lt FlopsLt Flops The first person to help me get my official article on site - SPC-2970. A fantastic writer and a fellow SPC writer, if you liked my SPC (if you read it) then you will like theirs! I also recommend their Team Bird hub series! Some cracking good stories about birds :D

DrAkimotoDrAkimoto Another person who is a fantastic author of all things bizarre! He is master of the Donks, the author of Donkman, and an all around good guy! If you haven't read his stuff yet, please do so! It is all good!

Of course I'd recommend more but I don't want to flood this page with all the people I like or else we'll be here for days :D

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