The Blue Foot Zone

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literally me


this was one of the first pictures I saw when I searched up "blue foot" on wikimedia commons for some reason

Hi there!

Do you like articles written up by an author with a headache?

Do you like articles that fumble the ending?

Do you like articles that get stuck at +20?

Well, if you can relate to any one of these, then you're in luck!

This is my author page, it's pretty cool. I write SCP articles, mostly (maybe I'll write a tale or something eventually.) I like funny quick articles, gripping long articles, simple anomalies, creative ideas, and alternate dimension SCPs. I don't like excessively complicated anomalies and long descriptions and special containment procedures.

I am also the proud winner of 95th place in the 7k contest. Take a guess which one I entered for it!

I'll critique your stuff if you message me, btw. Expect a response in 12-72 hours.

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