Black Retribution | SCPV-213
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Codename: Black Retribution

Code: SCPV-213

Utility: Samael1


Depiction of Bathala in the Dark Bathala.

Method of Operation: SCPV-213 was stored in a 2 m x 2 m x 2 m marble concrete box. When on display, warning runes are to be imprinted on the surface of the box where it is visible to viewers coming from any direction. SCPV-213 was restricted to Conservators only with permission from a Curator.

When in use, SCPV-213 is to be handled with gloves of any material. Under no circumstances should the user touch the object with his bare hands to avoid falling under its effect. Should the user becomes affected, he is to be terminated with a gunshot to the head five seconds after the initial contact. Users were prohibited to gaze at the item for more than thirty seconds.

Users were allowed to practice with the item for one hour every day but are advised that frequent usage of SCPV-213 will result in the user succumbing to its effect.

Morphology: SCPV-213 is a spherical object. It is 9 centimeters in diameter and appeared to be constructed from a solidified transparent liquid matter. All attempts to identify the composition of the object were met with failure.

SCPV-213 was illuminated by an unknown source from the interior. The light is drawn to any part of the surface that had made contact with any object. The surface was soft to the touch and the item was notably indestructible.

SCPV-213-1 is a designation for a collective group of humanoid entities mentioned in the "Book of Dark Bathala". SCPV-213-1 can be conjured if SCPV-213 was properly utilized. Depending on the mood of the user and his current mental state, the attitude of SCPV-213-1 ranges from benevolent to hostile.


An illustration of an object presumed to be SCPV-213.

Method of Use: The item was restricted only to the members of The Reliquary, primarily those who hold the rank of Conservators.

To activate the item, the user is to hold the object with gloved hands and gaze at it for thirty seconds. When the user felt a tingling sensation in the forehead, he is to look away to avoid falling under its corruptive effect.

To conjure instances of SCPV-213-1, the user is to project his thoughts and emotions into an empty space. Once conjured, SCPV-213-1 instances are only allowed to perform mundane tasks. They are only allowed the existence of two hours.

The helpful way to dissolve an instance of SCPV-213-1 is to visualize them as machines in disassembly until it ceased to exist.

Users were advised to rest for five hours before utilizing the object again.

Discovery: The existence of SCPV-213 was learned when the Librarians and Archivists of The Reliquary carried out a raid against a Horizon Initiative-controlled museum and retrieved the Book of Dark Bathala, a tale expunged from the Philippine literature. It was about the country’s chief god, Bathala and his brother, Hindi-Mapangalanan. It mentioned an item that matched SCPV-213’s description and the location where it could be found.

As of 09/12/2016, SCPV-213 was discovered to be in the possession of an antique collector in Lipa, Batangas, Philippines. A group of Librarians and Archivists under the leadership of Conservator Suarez was dispatched to retrieve the item for cataloging.

Additional Documents:

"Nang ibigay ng Hindi-Mapangalanan ang apoy sa mga unang tao, nagalit ang Panginoong Bathala at pinarusahan ang kanyang kapatid. Gumanti ang Hindi-Mapangalanan at tinanggal ang kaliwang mata ng Panginoong Bathala gamit ang sibat na ibinigay ng kanyang kapatid."

Method of Recovery: Recovery is currently underway.

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