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Antigonish Frequency Initiated. Connecting to all agents.

BROADCAST — Initiate Equinox Signal.

INTERCEPT — Enact Pataphysical safeguards.

TRICK OR TREAT, SMELL MY FEET — Initiate Candy Corn Disappointment Protocol


In October of 2017, a series of strange events befell a small town in Wisconsin. This town, known as Sloth's Pit, is used to odd phenomena, such as cryptozoological creatures living in the woods, gravitational anomalies, and the occasional serial killer.

What the people here faced in that year would be known by several names— the Scarecrow Killings, the Crisis of 2017, Incident SCP-██-D. However, most know it as…



October 18th

You Can Check Out Any Time You Want...

A phone rings somewhere in Wisconsin. They ready a room at the Hotel Pyramidion. Such a lovely place, such a lovely face, such a lovely feast. Martha's stewardship has ended, and clouds descend over a bucolic town. Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin is in danger.

October 19th


Codename: Subverted Mayberry Cadence

A plague of straw men descend upon the town. Sloth's Pit is used to strangeness, but is not used to tragedy. They weep for forty days and forty nights for forty men and women, taken from this world. When you visit Rudy's, pour one out for the poor owner.

October 20th

Here Comes The Bogeyman

A witch, an alchemical consultant, and a vampire slayer take a walk in the woods. They have flame-broiled stakes with garlic and aqua regia. If only. Goats are omnivores, Goatmen even more so. Fear is a hell of a drug for any tulpa.

October 21st

Pictures of Plastic People

Not even the interior S & C Plastics is safe from the autumn leaves. The site is invaded by an unfair fairground. A picture is taken from the archives, and the archivist is taken out of the picture. Poor Isaiah Pickman. He never had a narrative chance.

October 22nd

Bloody Pulp and Vines

Cullen Culling Program Initiated.

The Hubble Farm is a satellite in Sloth's Pit, but an important one. For generations, it's fed the Jack-o-Lantern and pie needs of the townsfolk. It's no Burnham orchard, but the Hubbles are friendly people, and have been for the past forty-eight years.

It's a pity their pumpkins are perverted by the 'pyre plague.

October 23rd

Following the Leylines

New Signal Intercepted.

BROADCAST — Initiate the Syfy signal

INTERCEPT — Initiate Ghost Box prompt



Four ghost hunters, traveling the country, in search of the paranormal. Much of it is faked or delusional, preying off of the beliefs of the naive. Occasionally, they find something genuine. An actual medium is a rare find, but they have one.

Now, they have found something far too genuine: Sloth's Pit, in the middle of a paranormal crisis.

October 24th

Scarecrow Factory

There's more to Mr. Hubble than met the eye. Years ago, thirteen people were buried beneath his farm. Now, twelve skeletons pop out of the ground. Christopher Hastings, poor Christopher Hastings, is such a drag— a several-mile long one, in fact.

Elsewhere, tragedy befalls a cat-loving parazoologist and her cohorts.

October 25th


Contrary to popular belief, having fun is quite hard when one has a library card. This is especially true if this library is haunted, abandoned, and in the middle of one of the worst rainstorms Sloth's Pit has seen all year.

The restricted section holds many a volume of quaint and curious lore. It's a matter of convenience that Site-87 allows so many tomes to be stored there. Anything actively malicious is burned. Most books are burned when they get too old. Libraries are cruel places.

October 27th

...But You Can Never Leave

The Pyramid Inn Overlooks a small portion of the town, on Talon street. The street is named after Rodney Talon, one of the first who was brave enough to move into Sloth's Pit following the collapse of Jackson Sloth's Manor. The inn is named for the Pyramid which surrounds the eye of the Illuminati— largely made irrelevant after their absorption into the Global Occult Coalition in the 1940s, they still fancy themselves architects, if not of reality, then of buildings everywhere from New York to Gabrone.

Within its walls, each floor has twenty rooms, and all floors skip thirteen. Even in the modern age, triskaidekaphobia reigns supreme. A number cannot be unlucky or lucky.

Within its walls, three are trapped. Three may not make it out.

October 28th

It's Just A Jump To The Left

Be kind, rewind. Be kind, unwind. Time has unwound in the house of Richard Gideon. Twins are driven into the past, possibly to slaughter. Horrible things unfold, sweetlings. Things that we wish to ignore, but we cannot. We are not presenting these secret histories, simply communicating them.

We wish they did not have to be presented.

October 18th

A Brief Flashback

I am the Autumn Rot Frequency. Let Me In.

The littlest things can make the biggest impact. And the impact that has been created here will be felt throughout Sloth's Pit for years to come.

October 30th

Equinox's Rise

The poison of the Black Autumn will soon conclude, agents. Whether or not Sloth's Pit will survive remains to be seen. Will the plastics be polluted? Will the gourds overgrow humanity? Perhaps the bubble that surrounds the Nexus will give, and all of the oddities in the world will flow forth and destroy, if not the world, then the Midwest.

October 31st

Autumn's End

Is there Autumn after Halloween? The weather grows colder, the frost starts, and the leaves finally die. Halloween is the last day of autumn, and, with any luck, the last day of the Black Autumn as well.

END BROADCAST — Closing Equinox signal

DESTROY RECEIVER — Ending Capricorn protocol
IT WAS A GRAVEYARD SMASH - Initiate Caramel apple nostalgia protocol


Hidden Frequency Intercepted. Standby.

The dark isn't real, but you are blind without light

The cold isn't real, but you'll still freeze in the night

Words are not real, and yet you know how to write

The Pit Sloth is real and he'll give you a fright!

Everyone loves a sequel. The Choloepus frequency is coming to a theater near you this October.

Now, agents, The Pit Sloth Rises.

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