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'bigger than kaktus, better than gears.' don't believe it? why not survey these sparkling reviews from some of the site's real bigwig top-notch kickaroos.

Well, this is sufficiently disgusting, to say the least.

- CyantreuseCyantreuse

this finna nut is finna woke

- Armadyllo does not match any existing user name

Oh, "finna nut" as in. Fish have fins. And the nuts turn into fish with big fins. Okay then.

- DecibellesDecibelles

Everything about this anomaly is so fucking dumb.

- The Great HippoThe Great Hippo

What's with the penis.

- MusicMike24MusicMike24


- AbsentmindedNihilistAbsentmindedNihilist

would you be upset if i made a body pillow design of 3199?

- WydnessWydness

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