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Event #: EE-00059

Due to the nature of EE-00059, classification as a proper SCP is unnecessary. Knowledge of the existence of EE-00059 is largely credited as non-anomalous due in part by successful disinformation campaigns; therefore, no containment measures are required at this point. Any transmissions or activity arising from EE-00059's vicinity are to be reported and purged of all public knowledge if possible.

Event Description: Extranormal Event 00059 was observed on June 14th, 2006, in a region of space roughly 1.6 billion light years from Earth1, in the constellation Indus. It was detected via the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory telescope system as a prolonged gamma ray burst designated GRB 060614.

EE-00059-1 is an emergent Class-E "Momentary Lapse of Reason" Wormhole (S-CSMWAUC2T2) that was observed for approximately 102 seconds, during which it exhibited atypical behavior that contradicted all known theoretical and applied models of space-time folds.

During the event, EE-00059-1 was observed to behave in a manner that first resembled traditional Einstein–Rosen wormholes, emitting unidentified matter and light, but otherwise resisting the inbound flow of normal matter and likely fatal to organic life due to topological decoherence.3 However, the region was considered several magnitudes brighter than the predicted calculations implied, to an intensity only suggested to occur in white holes, which have never been observed.

Upon closer analysis, EE-00059-1 appeared to be exerting no effect on the surrounding space, evidence that suggests the anomaly had little or no gravitational field. This is more consistent with Ellis wormholes, which are fully-transferable non-flat three dimensional regions of simply connected space-time folds. These paradoxical behaviors cannot co-exist simultaneously as each has physical consequence that manipulates its own scalar field into a state that, by definition, cannot support the initial conditions of the others.

EE-00059-2 are a series of low-frequency transmissions that originated from the direction of EE-00059 during the event. Due to the range and speed of radio waves it is likely that anomalous broadcasting equipment may have been used to transmit the messages (See EE-00059-2 Transcript Logs for more information).

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The Altruist-9 Probe located in the Site-88 Aerospace hangar.

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On May 18th, 2027, the Foundation proposed the construction of the Altruist-9 deep space probe in order to observe the status of EE-00059's location, which was approved by a majority vote of the O5 council.

In the event EE-00059-1 reemerges upon contact with the location, the Altruist-9's support structures and core payload5 are kept encased in an exotic polypeptide oligomer weave derived from the wreckage of [DATA PURGED PER O5 REQUEST].6

In order to reach EE-00059 within a reasonable amount of time, the Altruist-9 was constructed with a faster-than-light (FTL) drive and high efficiency solar sails. However, due to expected adverse quantum effects resulting from non-baryonic exotic matter used in the drone's construction, overall travel time is likely to be impacted.


On February 26th, ████, the date of the Altruist-9's arrival into EE-00059's location, initial readings were recorded and proven to be non-anomalous. Shortly afterward, however, activity from the region was detected; EE-00059-1 was seen manifesting adjacent to the probe, which was then piloted inside. The phenomenon once again ceased action after 102 seconds.

Due to the atypical and intense nature of these manifolds, the Altruist-9 will likely not be recovered from contact with EE-00059-1. However, functional capabilities of the probe's inner core are assumed to have survived traversal and continues to make observations on EE-00059-1's opposite side until contact is reestablished on an unspecified date.



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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Netzach

Special Containment Procedures: N/A7

Description: SCP-001 is the designation for the planetary body known as Earth.

Given that SCP-001 has existed for the entirety of human memory and written history, the anomalous improbability of Earth's nature as compared to all other planets in the observable universe investigated by the Foundation's TELLUS8 Program is widely regarded as "normal" within public perception.

Personnel are to remind themselves daily of the anomalous nature of the planet, especially during times of perceived ennui in regards to their participation within the Foundation or when engaging in dissenting thought patterns. Personnel are to encourage one another to persevere through difficult workplace situations with the knowledge that the planet we inhabit is anomalous in its entirety, and actively resists the order of civilization with chaos and aberration. Doing so has increased both productivity and containment success rates, the latter of which by over 12% in the last five years.

SCP-001-E1 is the designation for the remains of a spacecraft recovered during an archeological expedition in the Atacama Desert of Chile in 1946, led by American Paleontologist Dr. Hubert ███████. ███████ immediately reported his findings to the Society for American Archaeology, piquing the interest of a number of different parties.9

The remaining components of the ship's outer hull were excavated and found to be comprised of highly durable exotic polymers that appeared unaffected by time or exposure to the elements. Various dating methods have analyzed the material and yielded inconsistent results. Despite this, recovered information suggests the vessel was several billion years old.

Large areas of SCP-001-E1 appeared to have been converted into makeshift livingspace, implying the vehicle was intact when it landed and did not crash upon its arrival. Additionally, remnants of effects such as clothing, electronics and furniture were recovered as well, all possessing anomalous materials and abilities that resisted normal wear to varying degrees. The full size of the vessel is unknown but considered to be large enough to contain a moderate population of humans, the remains of which presumably decomposed naturally, aside from POI-001, who was recovered from within SCP-001-E2.

SCP-001-E2 is a set of 32 36 highly advanced cryogenic stasis pods that were discovered among the wreckage in a partially powered 'hibernation' mode when SCP-001-E2 was excavated. Of all the pods discovered, only one was still functional and contained [DATA PURGED PER O5 REQUEST], whose core tenets and general distrust of anomalous artifacts10 would establish the Foundation's presence on Earth as a force to contain aberrant objects, locations, and phenomena- beginning with those found inside SCP-001-E1.

Also found among the rubble were several anomalous data storage devices that appeared effectively destroyed, despite being comprised of similarly resistant exotic materials as other items found inside SCP-001-E1, implying they may have been damaged intentionally. Analysis revealed the only salvageable information, recovered from a 2 cm2 fragment composed of an extremely compressed form of multilayered information medium, presented as a set of thin layers of vertically stacked sets of data. The documents recovered from the interpreted data were then translated from their original language, which was comprised entirely of Class I cognitohazardous glyphs that appear similar to the engravings found on SCP-093.11

These glyphs seem to cause a subjective "Rosetta Stone" effect in readers, allowing for full comprehension of the material regardless of previously known languages and/or reading level. Analysis of the language is ongoing. Recovered excerpts can be found in the attached file SCP-001 Recovered Materials Log.

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