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SCP-6002 artwork, by SunnyClockworkSunnyClockwork

A Series 2 Sloth in Series 7's Court.
- Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck

Hello! I’m bigslothonmyface. I usually go by Sloth. I started writing here in 2021 after reading the site for almost a decade. Though it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, I try to write pieces that leverage the SCP format to comment on social justice, especially environmental issues and marginalized communities. IRL, I’m an MFA-trained nonfiction writer, teacher and journalist.

Thanks for reading! I’m flattered to work among so many talented artists.

SCP-6002: All Creatures Great And Small
Created on 25 May 2021 04:01 | Score: 583 | 7th place, SCP-6000 Contest
A tree with the DNA of every living thing in its branches, and the woman trying to save it.

SCP-6250: Keystone Flats
Created on 20 Aug 2021 18:13 | Score: 182
A poisonous city, spilling out from our minds and into reality.

SCP-6622: Beaver Power
Created on 05 Sep 2021 16:31 | Score: 282 | Front page feature, March 2022
Hydroelectric beavers who love you.

SCP-6502: Harwick Cemetery
Created on 31 Oct 2021 15:24 | Score: 212 | Winner, SCPD Nightmare Fest "Graveyard Shift" category
An undying eternity buried alive.

SCP-7002: The Hungry Season
Created on 25 Jul 2022 04:00 | Score: 242 | 13th place, SCP-7000 Contest
Rogue comet C/2022 I1 compels humanity to make a wish.

SCP-7340: I is for "Incision"
Created on 11 Oct 2022 15:59 | Score: 186 | Written for ANTHOLOGY, day 11
General surgical anesthetic, minus one key property.

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