Big Lads on Scene. No Wait. Not That
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Words. Incapable of legitimacy and of justice.
Indecisive. Upon that of the lavished.
Spices aplenty.

Incendiaries. Raging against the belly of its circular domain.
Scorching. An effect well desired.
Treasured. The tamer of flames.
The collection of sources never to run out of subordination.
A task it’s well suited for.

Flames. A continuous crackle, something favored.
Luxurious. The entirety of the good.
Aromas. Its sweetened charm lures them all.
Welcomed and embraced

An acquisition of the curious.
The recognized.
The influential.
And the wealthy.

They cover the circumference.
With tables square and round.
A brilliant feast they offer.
A hearty gathering of the hungry.

With uniqueness and abnormalities.
A rotten Base pays close attention.
Spoiled and sour.
Unaffected by the sweet charming aromas.
It turns the feast bitter.

A main supplier.
The Trio takes notice.
Its takes the spoiled sour Base away.
While handing over invaluable stocks and supplies.
In exchange for green venom.

Successful. A global feat pulled off.
Treasured. By ones committed to consumption.
Competitor. Not to their food.
Dread. Doesn’t exist to them.

Except from a force that is sworn to an upheaval.
One Star Reviewers.

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