Bedtime S(CP)tory
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"Come on, you two, it's time for bed. You've stayed up late enough, and you have school in the morning. What? A story? Oh no, no, your father has much better stories than I do. Oh alright, I guess I have one."

Once upon a time, there was a Princess. Don't look at me like that, it's a good story, promise. Anyways, this Princess lived in a great castle made of steel and glass, buried underground. King Six kept her there, saying it was to keep her and the world safe. For a long time, the Princess believed this, and worked hard to do what King Six asked. The King had a brother, and also an advisor, a strange man who could change his body like you can change your socks. They called him the Bright Wizard. He acted as the King's mouth, asking the Princess to do things. Sometimes she just had to study the strange things he kept in the castle, and sometimes she had to hurt them. She didn't like when he asked her to do that, but the Wizard promised it was to keep everyone safe.

The Princess worked hard, and became a high scholar among the others who worked for the King and the Wizard. The new standing attracted unwanted attention, however, and a Witch began to torment her when she slept. She traded something precious to her to a gypsy, hoping this would help her, but it only grew worse. She was so afraid, and so alone. No one else could hear what the Witch did to her, and she thought she was going crazy. She was ready to make it stop, even if it meant stopping her own heart. Then, when she was at her darkest moment, a Knight came to save her. He promised to protect her. From the Witch, from the Wizard, and even from the things King Six kept locked in the castle. He promised this, and he promised to make sure she could protect herself. The Princess fell in love with the Knight, and with him, she was stronger. They had to keep their love secret, for one of the King's generals was a cruel man and would see them punished for their happiness.

The Princess and the Knight worked hard to keep each other and the friends they had made safe. For a long time, it seemed like they could survive anything in the castle of steel and glass. It was not meant to be a happy survival, however. One day a Seer came to the Princess, and told her she was with child, and this child would be very special. He would weave time itself, and hold a great evil at bay. What should have been a joyous announcement caused the Princess great pain. At a time of darkness, that seemed like so long ago then, she had traded something precious. She had traded her son. Again the Princess fell to that dark place, her Knight trying desperately to hold on.

Then the war came. She watched from the side as her friends died to protect the castle and her child, unable to help or save them. The Bright Wizard watched as well, smiling, saying it was to keep everyone safe. The Princess knew now it was a lie. There was more behind that smile than keeping the world secure. More than keeping the strange things in the castle contained, and more than protecting the life growing inside her. When the time came for the child to be born, the Knight stood by his Princess as the gypsy and her attendants came to collect what she was promised. For all their talk of protection, King Six, his Generals and the Wizard, with all their power, did nothing to help. The Knight and the Princess watched as their son was taken away, never knowing his parents' touch. Their hearts torn asunder, and no one to help, the pair made their plans to leave the castle, buried so deep beneath the earth. They escaped into the night, never to be heard from again.

"That's the story, kids. Now you have to sleep. What happened to the boy? He did exactly what the Seer said he'd do. No. They never got to see him again. No mummy's fine, just something in my eye. Goodnight."

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