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By agreement between Congress and this most sacred office of the President of the United States, I proclaim that the gears of war in the western reaches of this great continent have begun their grind to a halt. It is in the American people's best interest to ensure a safe and competent acquisition of the western territories from our conquered neighbor.

It won't be long now before our hands of justice embrace both seas of this glorious homeland; with the grace of God and the knowledge of our Forefathers, we will emerge from the bloodshed born anew, with revitalized determination for our destiny. With this, I call upon all citizens that hail the United States his home to duty; to uphold his sacred honor to self, God, and country, to respect the authority of his elected governors, and to fulfill his purpose to this blessed soil. Victory will not elude us; with the glory of this great authority, we will prevail.

With conviction everlasting, done at the City of Washington the eighth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-six, and of the independence of the United States the seventieth.


Captain John C. Frémont,

The President has asked for your progress in securing the territory west of Texas. He worries that your frequent delays may lead to backlash from the newspapers. I urge you to update his office on your position with haste; Washington is boiling on the charcoals of resentment for this war and I would hate for you to be caught in its eruption.

I await your response.

Secretary of State


I assure you, there is no problem with my men, nor is there an issue with my approach. Yes, we are behind schedule, but this war has been dragging on for much longer than anyone could have anticipated. Tell the President, if you must, that we will have California by the end of the month.

Cpt. John C. Frémont


We hereby shed our bondage! No longer are we to be held under the boot of Mexico! From here, our sights are set on a free California; a Republic for the settlers and the indigenous, wholely and entirely free.

Among our ranks is a comandante of fierce conviction and deadly precision. All contenders of our new nation, prepare to be met with the sting of our pistols and the shine of our swords! Our liberty will be paid for with blood!

For this, we fight for independence!


I demand an explanation. Why was I not informed about the uprising in California? When my men arrived, we were greeted with a hail of musket rounds and cannon fire. We haven't suffered many casualties yet, but we are unequipped for this fight. I was under the impression California had no militia; certainly not the organized and highly equipped army we encountered in the foothills.

I will not advance again until I hear assurance that I will be provided with supplies for a sustained attack.

Cpt. John Frémont

Excerpt from the diary of an unknown U.S. Soldier, California, circa 1846:

Orders were to push through the hills and approach San Fransisco from the West. Captain Frémont had us march at noon so that the natives could witness our military might in the light of day. We packed for a show, not a fight. Our cannons were empty and our rifles were sparsely prepared.

We got within eyeshot of the town before a volley of fire rained on our convoy. We all scattered; I caught a glimpse of the Captain on his mount turn and ride for cover. I hid behind a mound until the volley ceased. I couldn't tell how many were wounded or killed, but the fire was heavy and sustained. I would have thought the natives had been trained; if their aim hadn't been so lousy.

Before we could return fire, a booming voice echoed around us.

I looked up to see a huge man, covered in navy blue wool and leather straps. He spoke with a slight Spanish accent, yet I felt I had known his voice all my life. A glittering rapier rested on his belt, and his wide-brimmed hat covered his face in shadows.

"Invaders, you are trespassing on the soil of this new nation. You have one chance, and one chance only, to return to your camps before we return you to your camps by force," he bellowed. "My men will not miss the next time we fire."

It was then when we heard the Captain's trumpet sing its song of retreat, that we graciously fled to the cover of the trees at the far end of the hills. Not a single shot rang as we made our escape.

I don't know what to make of today's events. No one spoke of an army in California, so why is one here? And who was their general? I will write more in the morning; it's getting late and we're regrouping with the 7th battalion for a second assault on San Fransisco tomorrow.

President James K. Polk,

I am pleased to announce the successful capture of San Fransisco by my forces. We lost not a single man in the assault, and, despite their initial resistance, the population of this town has thus far been cooperative.

I must inform you that the natives of San Fransisco demanded we hear to their terms if we are to occupy the town. I will meet them at the negotiation table tomorrow to discuss matters with their leader. I believe this approach was the only way we could safely take California. I await your next orders.

Cpt. John C. Frémont

¡Libertad Eterna!

Our resistance was short-lived, but we would all be under the boot of yet another nation had it not been for our fearless savior! We respect your decision to remain anonymous, but because of your bravery during battle, and your skillful negotiations, the people of San Fransisco have elected to remember you as the Bear of California. In your honor, we raise our flag with pride!

Wherever you may be, we will never forget what you did for our Republic.



Eventful year

turmoil has been challenging

but no challenge is too great for Ursidae ingenuity

Abridged Guardian Bear Report:

Polar Guardian Bear ("Nanuq")

status: to be inaugurated

Greater Asia Guardian Bear ("Tàiyáng")

status: needs additional bear support

Eastern Europe Guardian Bear ("Wojtek")

status: ok

California Guardian Bear ("Fuerza")

status: recalled, pending reassignment

Due to events outside of our organization's control

California Guardian Bear ("Fuerza") has been relocated to our Headquarters

As international issues continue to increase in frequency

our methods of operation must also adapt

Additional bears are being trained for intervention protocol

to alleviate future strain on resources

Until further notice please continue operations as normal

Thank you for your cooperation

- The Obearwatch Command

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