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About Me

Hey! I'm BattleblockB0ss, but feel free to call me simply Battle, Block, or Battleblock. Just don't call me late for dinner!1 I'm just a writer, videoer2 graphic designer, procrastinator, and all around creator on this site. I love SCPs utilizing alternative forms of media and interactivity, as well as those that entail excessive mindfuckery3 (both anomalous in nature and not). I'm also a huge fan of disturbing and generally fucked up articles.

Outside of the SCP Wiki, one of my chief interests is indie games, which I will happily discuss at length. If anyone ever wants to have a conversation about game design or just games in general, feel free to PM me, find me on IRC, or DM me on Discord.4 Aside from indie games, my interests and hobbies include (but are not limited to):

  • Undertale
  • Deltarune
  • Homestuck5
  • Piano composition/playing
  • Music6
  • Voice acting
  • Video production
  • Reading7
  • Cosplay
  • Pokemon8
  • Photography
  • Game development

As I've said, I would be more than happy to have a conversation about any one of these topics9, so don't hesitate to strike one up. I love making friends!

Favorite Hubs

Here are the hubs of some of my favorite series, canons, and groups of interest for your viewing pleasure.

Antimemetics Division

One of the first series I ever read on the site, and it had me HOOKED. Would definitely recommend for those who don't mind being very confused.

Gamers Against Weed

This is the first GoI I got into, and it's one that I feel is pretty relatable to most people. Except for, you know, the anomalous parts.

Are We Cool Yet?

The combination of simple brutality, deep emotional connection, and just plain creativity that some of these pieces possess just hit exactly the right note for me.


As previously mentioned, I'm a huge fan of games. While I'm not usually a fan of devilish deals and tormented souls, Arcadia presents the often-overdone trope in a way that has me devouring every article I can find.


For the longest time I'd heard "apotheosis" mentioned in the errant article on the wiki, but I had no clue what it was referring to. I finally got around to reading this canon and, WOW, it's excellent. While much smaller than some more popular canons, it has some magnificent articles.

Favorite Articles

Here are some of my all-time favorite individual articles. I'm sure I'll add to this as time goes on, but here are some to start with.





Everything Else



I just wanted to include a section to shout out some of my favorite authors on the wiki and why they're so amazing. This by no means exhaustive, just some special people who stick out to me.

Agente Shuffle (or IDMNS as he's sometimes known) is an incredibly talented artist and writer. Even with the struggles of being a non-native English speaker he consistently produces stunning and evocative articles, not even to speak of the countless pieces of art he's created (including a spinoff of my own piece!) I'd absolutely recommend checking out his artwork page and other articles. I feel deeply honored to have written with such a talented individual during the 2022 Department Contest on the Telecommunications Monitoring Office! Speaking of the TMO, that brings us to

Meserach is frankly one of the best writers on the site (in my opinion). Every article she writes is a veritable work of art and despite the scarcity of articles, the votes speak for themselves. Meserach is the mind behind Picture This and the inspiration for "Say it with me everybody". I hope they stick around on the wiki for a while, and I speak truly when I say they are one of my inspirations. I can't thank her (or Shuffle) enough for helping me plunge into the site when I joined her team during Department Con.

While a new writer on the wiki, GlassAutomaton is a very skilled writer, effortlessly maintaining a clinical tone while at the same time striking emotional chords deep within readers. In SCP-6703, he manages to do one of my favorite things to see on the wiki, and do it well: make an SCP relatable. To expound, GlassAutomaton excels in showing us how Foundation jobs can be synonymous with real-world, boring, office jobs while keeping the mystical, unusual, and just plain weird tone surrounding every aspect of the Foundation's work. I highly recommend checking out his articles, and I hope to see much much more from him in the future.


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Called them for dinner, was late, highly disappointed. Very, very cool articles tho.

Giga-chad shitposter on the wiki, gotta love 'em. Very cool articles (especially that coauthored one about the gamers and a war).

This B0ss is bullshit. Can't beat it at all. Could've sworn it was one of those boss fights you're supposed to lose. Literally unplayable. 8.5/10 (also birds aren't real)

If I disappear for 6 months or more without prior warning, I give Agente ShuffleAgente Shuffle permission to manage all of my articles and just generally do what he wishes with them. In the case that he's also gone, I leave everything to GlassAutomatonGlassAutomaton. If they're both gone, FishAteMeFishAteMe inherits it all. If EVERYONE'S gone, I cede everything to the wider SCP community.

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