Dr. Edison's Bargain Bin of Direct-to-Forum Sequels
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When I see a tale that I feel particularly strongly about, I occasionally write a short, spur-of-the-moment-"sequel" and post it on the tale's discussion page. It's kind of the end result of the Foundation not having any set canon; everything written about it is equally valid, even the stupid stuff.

But it's getting kind of hard to find them again, so I figure I might as well put them all in one place. I don't claim these are the funniest things I've ever written, in fact I'd have to say this it the literary equivalent of a deep fried snickers bar. But hey; they're my stories, and no matter how stupid they are I think they need to be written down somewhere.

Apologies in advance to the people who wrote the original stories. I sincerely thank you for not hunting me down and stringing me up by the town hall.


Cut Short

Sequel to The Long Con

Dr. Edison: Alien Blaster

Sequel to We Have Dismissed That Claim

Lord Blackwood Vs. The Destroyers

Sequel to We Have Dismissed That Claim and Dr. Edison: Alien Blaster

I Still Don't Care

Sequel to SCP+MLP=DNC

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